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Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by Minimoose1441, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. Minimoose1441

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    Hello everyone,
    I noticed that as of the most recent launcher update that the implication of private packs were added to the launcher. However, I have absolutely no idea on how to add a pack and test it with the FTB launcher. I also heard that the feature would be moderated and that you needed permission to get it added. Does anyone know if there's a tutorial for making these mod packs or how to get started making one? If it is a private feature and you need some sort of permission, could a admin PM me or post a reply about how to get permission? I'm sure others are wondering the same and it would be great to get started using this feature for my server. Thanks!
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  2. Greedseed

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    There is no way to submit a pack yet. This is a feature for the future
  3. Komoden

    Komoden New Member

    Nice to see a thread about this, had been looking around the forums since yesterday to see if anyone had talked about it :)

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