Private Packs: How Do I Make One?

Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by BeastCrafter, Dec 31, 2012.

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  1. BeastCrafter

    BeastCrafter New Member

    Hiya beasters i saw today the private pack option was added to the launcher, was looking around for a way to create one but didnt see one :(. So i was wondering if this option to create private packs has been added yet or not? if so can someone please tell me how to create one?

    Many Thanks,
  2. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    Well, the first thing you need to do is get a list of mods you want in the modpack. Then you need to contact the author of each mod and get permission to use it in your modpack. Make sure to take a screenshot showing this. Then you would contact FTB (this is the part I don't know how yet, maybe they haven't set up a place yet) about the modpack and upload it to them. They will give you a code. You and your users will enter this code into the launcher to download the pack. The code entry can be found under Filter Settings -> Add Pack.
  3. Gr3n

    Gr3n New Member

    The private packs are meant to be very easy ways for people to tweak the FTB for their server. Since it will be private distribution of the packs I do not believe mod developer confirmation will be necessary and FTB will probably just have a bunch of already approved mods you can pick and choose from.
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  4. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    Unfortunately, this is not correct.

  5. CoderJ

    CoderJ New Member

    Unless stated otherwise, assume permission is needed!
    Sorry for the bold + +6 but I really can't make that any more obvious.

    Slowpoke has a thread that mod authors are using to give permission for use of their mods in packs distributed by the FTB launcher. It is here; if a mod is not listed there, you need to contact the mod author and establish that permission is allowed. If a mod is listed there, be sure to read any terms and/or conditions attached to it (most stipulate that the mod pack can only be distributed via the FTB launcher, if your pack stops being distributed this way then permission is revoked).
  6. Gr3n

    Gr3n New Member

    OK thanks for those threads, hadn't seen them previously.
  7. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    Can't you crate a pack using the ones of this list within the launcher itself? and even using a modpack as base and add the rest of the mods yourself, anyway they already have permission, right?
  8. cronixia

    cronixia New Member

    If you need permission from each developer for each private pack.... That's just stupid. Inb4 every mod thread being filled with "can I use your mod in my pack?"
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  9. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    No, you have to have your own personal permission to use a mod in your own private mod pack. The FTB permissions do not count.
  10. Xaviorm

    Xaviorm New Member

    If this is indeed the case, then this feature is 100% a waste of time and no further development should be spent on it. I spend more time on my server having to link to old versions that mod devs refuse to make available on some days than i do actually playing. (I'm talking about you gregtech!).

    The current system of making people download each mod separately does not work at all on a server where mods get updated sometimes daily sometimes not. I have had mod authors update and remove the old version 5 minutes after i just updated to the previous. I am then left to either update again or hand out links in dropbox. Neither of which I want to do. Ultimately I end up having to do both. Which sucks.
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  11. CoderJ

    CoderJ New Member

    No. That list is was for reference as to what mods are being used in FTB, it is not a list of permissions. The thread I posted is general permssions.

    In your opinion. There is a thread with general permissions and a lot of mods are already included, leaving only mods that are on a case-by-case basis. To be honest, even if you were to go the 'private' mod pack route (using dropbox to distribute your pack to members via a password protected archive) many authors still require permission for distribution (or require the mod be downloaded from their links).

    Argue all you want about how stupid you think asking permission is; it's basic courtesy and respect, an issue the other mod pack ran into (there is no reason to rehash that story here, while it is somewhat relevant as to why permission is needed we don't need a debate about the facts).
  12. Xaviorm

    Xaviorm New Member

    I didn't argue anything about asking for permissions. Some how you extracted that. I already know most mod authors just plain wont give it. That is not the issue. The issue is that mod authors do not follow good policy for releasing mods. I.E when you update a mod you should be leaving a link to all of your old versions. GregTech is especially bad about this as is SoulShards and Forestry. over the weekend the file for even the current Secret Rooms wasn't available to anyone.

    I constantly have players that cannot get the correct version for the server because of this issue. A private pack would allow me to fix that but if don't have the option of adding what I need in the pack without asking for permissions I am not going to get the feature is worthless. That is much less a opinion and more of a fact.

    In the mean time I have no other option but to link the currently installed version via dropbox in order for people to play. Mod authors don't' seem to be concerned about this issue so I have to solve it myself. When I heard about Private pack I though this might be a solution finally. Apparently it's not.
  13. CoderJ

    CoderJ New Member

    Really? Not arguing?
    That's opinion, not any fact content except it being your opinion. It's arguing you think the feature is a waste of time and that would be a fact so there's nothing to extract from there. So batting 0 for 2. What's up next?

    Right, permissions still. It's not hard to get mod author permissions; most that want their mods distributed in a mod pack simply ask for a post or PM at Minecraft Forums so it's not exactly rocket science. If they don't make available a way to get permission chances are they do not want you distributing their mod. Period. End of story. There is no "work around" for this; it's courtesy and respect, as I said before. By distributing the mods without permission, you're just causing more problems.

    Need an example? Tekkit started as a private mod pack made by and for some folks on SomethingAwful; somehow the pack got out, made popular by some let's play videos, and then all hell broke loose in the mod community. A lot of people are still butt hurt about the whole incident (as evidenced by a lot of mod authors terms of use). That is not opinion, it's 100% fact. That is why FTB requires permissions now, to avoid that from happening again. It's also why many mod authors are working well with FTB's team. If you choose the "work around" the permission requirement, you're just setting a lot of people up for a headache later down the line.... maybe not tomorrow or next week, but it will happen.

    As for the version issue, well, it appears FTB caches the mods on CreeperHost to avoid eating all the bandwith/resources of the mod authors. Chances are if you want your mod pack to stay frozen at a particular version, it should be possible (of course, pending the mod's terms of use...). I'm going to flag this post to try and get some clarification on how that would work for private mod packs...

    Of course, going to mention this again since evidently it's hard to comprehend;
    It's not hard to get permission for mods that want to be distributed. Distributing the mods without permission is a very bad idea, regardless if it's for a 'private' mod pack or not. Respect the mod authors wishes; if they don't want it distributed, don't. If they just want a shout out or quick contact post, take the 5 minutes.
  14. Dekar

    Dekar New Member

    Well no one will have Forestry.
  15. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    I think the same is true with Thermal Expansion.
  16. TruculentMC

    TruculentMC New Member

    Actually - Forestry gives this permission, which by my interpretation seems to be sufficient for inclusion in private FTB packs.
    Several other mods give similar permissions, GregTech for example.

    Server Packs: Private server packs are granted permission to include past and the current client versions of Forestry in a mod pack tailored exclusively for that Minecraft server. The pack must be distributed in a way that ensures that only players currently active on that server can download it. Private server packs are only mod packs intended for use by a closed membership Minecraft server and distributed only to those members.Please refrain from asking for explicit permission if your server pack fulfills the above conditions, it clogs up my inbox.
  17. CoderJ

    CoderJ New Member

    If you are a friend of SirSengir or know him, yes you can if you ask (FTB has it). Otherwise, the terms are pretty explicit in his MCF post (TL;DR is you can use it if you distribute in a way that only your playerbase can get to it... so probably not via FTB Launcher):
    KingLemming/TeamCoHF does give permission to use the pack, as seen in this post authorizing Technic to use it. KingLemming has a forum account here, try PM'ing him.

    [EDIT] Doing more simple homework for people... I'm finding this stuff while making dinner and watching a movie...

    GregTech (funny story, links to past versions are here too... or did you want versions he's replaced due to bugs?) -
  18. 4nic

    4nic New Member

    if mod developers don't want there stuff in mod packs with people asking then they should remove there download links and only give it to people who ask, otherwise posting it online is a free for all to do whatever u want it, i would have been honored if someone like tekkit did that to my mod pack, it would get alot more known then what the 20 people that use it 1000 would have it or even more
  19. Xaviorm

    Xaviorm New Member

    A few clarifications. A feature that is not usable by any but a few select people is a waste of time. As for how hard it is to get permissions to distribute a mod it varies widely by the mod author and it doesn't' really matter for my server anyway. I use a lot of mods some of those can be freely distributed. Some not. Those that are not will not give permissions unless I somehow can't understand what they mean when they say don't ask the answer is no. All the same the totality of the mods are what make up my server. If one mod dev says no then it is the same as them all saying no. And right now more than one says no explicitly

    I have no desire to distribute a modpack. In fact i have been a stalwart supporter of mod devs over tekit. I have never used it nor will I ever. (They eat babies) However I need to keep my server running with people playing on it. As it works today, Mod devs update and many of them do not keep old versions around. as soon as that happens my user base just got stranded unless they happened to log in and know that they had to update and were able to do so before the mod was updated. And some times that is not even enough as I previously stated I have had mods update on me while i am updating the server. As soon as I came online. Nobody but me could connect and they could not get the version they needed.

    If I could have a private pack via a secret code that I could give my users it would solve this problem permanently. (so would the mystical mod api). but if that is not how this feature is going to work it is pretty worthless.

    You can try to blame me for making a problem worse all you want. I don't buy it. I can't control if mod devs are pro enough to do versioning correctly then I am left to find a solution to the problems I face. It's not possible to update my server as fast as versions are released and sometime versions create conflicts that lock me to a particular version. If Devs don't want me to link version via DB then either keep current on their distribution of old versions or support a feature like a private pack in FTB.

    But please don't come a guns a blazing at me for finding a solution to a problem I have that isn't being addressed.
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  20. Xaviorm

    Xaviorm New Member

    oh and as an aside gregtech never puts the version he replaced in his old versions. I.E he strands people every time he updates. They are always at least 2 versions off if he puts them there at all. And to the comment of if it was removed due to bugs or not it doesn't really matter. If it's the version that is installed on the server it is what people need access to.
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