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Casual Server Private Infinity Server - Looking for 1-4 Players to play with

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by beakerthecat, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. beakerthecat

    beakerthecat New Member

    Looking for some people to play on my private FTB Infinity server with It has a few extra mods, Morph,Galacticraft and Schematica. Comment or message me and we can play :)
    Looking for more experienced players 15+ And possibly can Skype!
  2. behedwin

    behedwin New Member

    We are two Swedish guys that are looking to start playing FTB Infinity. We have a long history of playing MC and FTB packs... have had a break now for some time tho.

    We are over 15... by 15 years or so...
    We have some demands tho on what we are looking for.
    The server must be stable and cant lag out as soon as we progress further.
    And we don't like restrictions... rather a small group that play with no restrictions and have fun, respect the server capacity and try to build smart.
  3. Jeramiah

    Jeramiah New Member

    Im 17.
    I love skype.
    And Whats the server specs?
  4. Platoonsgt1

    Platoonsgt1 New Member

    Galacticraft? This sounds like fun!
    I'm 19, I've got skype and I've got a new mic I want to test :D
    Time zone may be a problem, Your first post was at 3:45 am in my zone (Australia :D UTC + 10:00 if I remember correctly)
  5. Mudrat12

    Mudrat12 New Member

    I'm interested!!!
    I'm 15
    I've got skype and clear mic quality.
    MY timezone is CST which is -5 GMT
    I love playing together and I hope this is my oppruntunity.
  6. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

    im intersted send me a skype
  7. ryanglyde81

    ryanglyde81 New Member

    im very interesed send me ur skype
  8. JoKillerPT

    JoKillerPT New Member

    IGN: JoKillerPT
    Age: 18
    Skype: kidjp1993
    Fav mod: thermal expension and ic2
  9. wackoman6789

    wackoman6789 New Member

    im interested
    IGN wackoman6789
    AGE: 17
    been playing minecraft since 1.8.1 alpha
  10. xiirossiix

    xiirossiix New Member

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