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Open Server Power House {DW20} [Inifinity 1.4.1] [PVPVE] New Server! 18+ only Need people to come play

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Aucier2, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

    I have been looking for server for the past couple of weeks and found that you can only do so much on everyone's server! Well I feel some guys wanna do more than just build. So I Love to pvp and raid. So i made a server that be fun not all that strict.


    Direwolf 20 Infinity 1.4.1
    New Server
    Players slots 20

    No Exploits / No Duping
    No Cheating
    No Griefing
    No Smoking :D
    Listen to the Admins and live long :D

    As of right now Hardware is not a problem if the server starts to lag I will make some changes! But i really don't see any lag coming in! :D

    What I would like to know!

    What type of plugin you would like to see:
    Why Join my Server!

    If you wanna also help with Staffing let me know also!!

    If i whitelist you I will send out the IP for the server.

    Server is up and running
    Thank you for time and have a good day :D
  2. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

    Im just going to make this a open server since nobody is really hitting for a Whitelist D:

    Come all and enjoy the fun now :D
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2015
  3. Aucier2

    Aucier2 New Member

    I'm online right now if anyone would love to join :D

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