Potential Managed Hardware Server (AU) Looking for advise/admins


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey Guys,
I have a spare machine that I'm not using for anything in particular. I was planning on hosting an FTB server on it.
I have hosted servers before but only VPS. I'm sure the PC is up to it but was wondering about how my connection will hold up.

Intel i7 3770 @3.40GHZ
120GB SSD (Primary)
500GB SD
GeForce 670

Cable - (AU) Telstra
D/L - 100Mbs
U/L - 2.5Mbs (This is my main concern)
Quota - 500GB/ Month

What are your thoughts on the connection speeds? Do you think it will keep up with a smallish server (5 or so)? Could it handle more?

I am an extremely passionate FTB/Minecraft player and have been playing solo after having a bit of a break from hosting purchased servers. I would love to get a group of cool people to start a great server/community and have some fun together.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated and if there's anyone keen to join forces or help out that would be great.


Mr Chris

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Jul 29, 2019
2.5mb will severely limit the players you can have. To maintain any form of usable service to users while using that same internet, I'd say you could probably handle 5 players at a push, the hardware you have there is more than enough to run a fairly significant server but as you rightly noted, your upload speed is extremely low (as far as server hosting goes).