Policy in regards to Moderating Server threads.

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    Hello, we know that many of you have been asking for the server section to be split into sections so that servers are easier to find so that is exactly what we have done! We are also working on a server listing site to make the listing even better but this is still some time off and so for now this will be used. Current server owners will need to PM Rob if they want to keep their post with the following form completed:

    Link to forum post:
    Server type (Whitelist/Greylist/Open):

    Hope you like the new layout and if you have any more suggestions please post them in the web feedback forum.

    The FTB Team
    P.S Go easy on my inbox :)
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Jul 29, 2019
Our moderators will only moderate server threads for direct violations of website rules we will not:

  • Ban griefers from the forums for actions on a server/
  • Delete posts that contradict a server admin or display them in a bad light -- feel free to defend yourself however
  • Enforce server rules on our forums. If you want people to abide by rules not listed for the website you will need to have he thread on a different site.
However if you grief/harass a server thread do not be surprised if you are temp or permanently banned from the forums.
We will not tolerate harassment on our forums.
Do not report posts from this forum that do not break the rules of the website.
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