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Please help me understand Railcraft

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by rungok, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. rungok

    rungok New Member

    Okay, so our server has railcraft, and I've been trying to set up a tram system for our little server community, but I just... can't seem to understand railcraft. I've made tracks, rolling machines, electric rails, a steam locomotive, electric locomotive, and I just can't seem to get it to... work? I guess I just don't understand what it is I need to do to make things work. I had looked online for guides and they seem to be for a much older version of the mod, because like half the items referenced don't exist.

    So... All I'm trying to do is build a track that circles around our camp, comes to a stop for a few seconds at each way station so players could get on or off, and then speeds off on it's own. I want to use the electric locomotive because i don't want to have to refuel it if I can arrange that it won't.

    I would appreciate some guidance.
  2. PierceSG

    PierceSG New Member

    Not sure if this will work or not but...
    I summon @CovertJaguar !
  3. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    For this tutorial I will be talking about the Steam Loco- because I don't know jack about the Electric one...

    Set 1, decide on your "stations". Place the boarding track down at said station, and a holding track infront of it (this is to stop the train while no one is in it, this is not needed, so I won't cover it).
    Next get your crowbar and make sure the settings on the boarding track are the ones you want (disembark passengers, so that people get thrown off at the station).
    Now get some regular rails (tracks) - like the ones you find in mine shafts - and connect the stations.
    Next plonk down the train, and minecart(s) that you want to connect to it.
    Shift+R-click the minecart so that it pops up with a message. Then do the same on the steam loco- and it will say "connection complete" or something to that effect. (connect minecarts together like this if needed)
    Now you will want a way to fill your steam loco- with water. I don't know enough about railcraft to do this automatically, I just use water buckets, I believe you will want a liquid loader though (and obviously a holding track), but you will need to find a tutorial on this/have someone else fill this bit in.
    Final step, give your train it's heat source (coal, or other fuel), and VOILA!
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  4. Eruantien

    Eruantien New Member

    The electric locomotive needs to run on electric tracks, which are in turn powered by RC's new power system (other than steam), "charge". There's a way to convert RF to charge, but that's complicated, and I don't know how charge works in the first place either.
  5. jordsta95

    jordsta95 New Member

    I thought it could run on EU too...
  6. Skyqula

    Skyqula New Member

    @CovertJaguar has a youtube video on the electric locomotive system:

    If you want to power your system with RF you need a Flux Transformer multiblock (2x2x2). You simply connect a RF pipe and use a railcraft electric shunting wire to get railcraft charge out of it. You power powered rails by placing a wire support frame under it with a electric shunting wire going trough it. Something like this:


    You can then utilize vanilla detector track, some redstone and a railcraft locking track to keep the train in place and allow it to leave again.
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  7. Eruantien

    Eruantien New Member

    IIRC, it can, but RF sprang to mind first.
  8. rungok

    rungok New Member

    Thanks for the help so far. I still haven't figured out how to get the embark/disembark tracks to work, but I made some and I'll try to get that worked out. I did not know about needing a converter, I've been trying to pump Mj into it and that wasn't working.

    [EDIT] All right I got it to work! Woo! I used the transformer and was able to get the power to work properly for the electric rails I currently just have it running circles around my house, but I got the embark/disembark functions to work with a timer and redstone repeater combination, and can do that at each waystation.

    How long can an electric rail go and still hold a charge? Like will a connected wire/power source only power rails for 32 blocks or will it draw power for the rails as long as they are connected?
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  9. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Or, you can just run the track over the 2x2x2 multiblock, which will power it nicely without any extra gubbinz. Worked for me in a test world.
  10. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    I think an electric rail can hold 10,000 change- and has a loss of 1 charge/block. Its in that video anyway. Also shunting wire is a lot more lossy.
    Take a look at Covert's channel- he does a fairly good tuto on his rail logistics and routing system.
  11. midgetassin

    midgetassin New Member

    Are you trying to a complex one or just a simple one. Complex as useing the routing system that rail craft adds
  12. rungok

    rungok New Member

    I will take a look. at that. If it drops only 1 per block, I could have electric rails most of the whole way, with one more power station on the far end of the track before it comes back to me.

    I want it simple and clean. I just want one route for now that goes in a circle. I have it figured out now in a single small circuit that would pull up to the station and spit out passengers, wait until the timer hits a countdown of 12 seconds, then send the train forward, picking up people standing by the embarking rail and going on its way. I want to make that happen multiple times but in an overall circuitous route that I don't need to worry about once I set it in motion nor does anyone have to mess with it once it's running.
  13. GreenZombie

    GreenZombie New Member

    Railcraft adds a lot of blocks and options for automating regular "redstone rail" powered rail carts. The various loading and unloading rails can trigger the redstone signals required to start and stop railcarts and most/some have a directionality that can ensure they get boosted off in the correct direction.

    You certainly earn more points for getting into steam or electrical powered rail, but starting simple might be easier for your first project?
  14. rungok

    rungok New Member

    I actually AM going to use the electric rail+electric locomotive. I have a ton of power generation already from my other projects, so making that flux transformer was really a good idea. Materials wise... I would say I have enough mats to not ever worry about running out of stuff unless I'm not attentive.

    I have the track set up for a few hundred blocks, and I think I got the elevator track to interface properly at the top where it drops the train down, but I couldn't get it to connect to the track below right, so I have it a block below and you drop onto the track beneath it. I don't even know if it would work. The electric locomotive can run for a bit on a normal track since it has a power reserve?
  15. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    You'd have to test it yourself. Have fun crashing a few trains... :p
  16. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Simple way: One boarding track for the locomotive. The rest of the length of the train has player detectors facing downwards, into something that transmits redstone. When a player hops in, it sends a signal to go.

    Pop down a detector ahead of the detectors that runs to a timer and then the train trips that and goes after a set time even if no players get in.

    Yes, as long as there's power the electric loco will run on unpowered track. Has to otherwise it can't interface with boarding/detector rails and the like.
  17. rungok

    rungok New Member

    That's a good point KingTriaxx!

    Okay so I have the track set up from my house to two other stops, I found that a pair of wind turbines and the Flux transformer are pretty cheap to make so I'm not worried about the track running out of power. I've built it a few blocks above the ground so I don't think most mobs will be a problem; the area's been secured pretty well. (All bets are off once I get that demon invasion going) Also the electric rail hurts to stand on, so I think I won't have to worry about running into mobs ON the tracks very often.

    I have the stations set up like thus:
    Electric track:::::::>Directional Detector X1:>Disembark Track X2::>Locomotive Hold Track (Embark Mode) X1:>Embark Track X2::> Directional Detector X1:> Electric Track X-whatever
    Next to the Hold Track I have a Redstone repeater on 4th setting, behind it a bit of redstone, and next to that a Timer set to 12 seconds. Every time the timer hits, it sends a signal to the redstone repeater which then sends a redstone signal long enough to send the train forward on its way if it is stopped. When pulling up the directional detector track at the beginning triggers the disembark tracks, popping players out at the station. The redstone signal and Directional detector track activate the embarking tracks, pulling players into available carts as it passes if they're right next to it.

    There's a mountain rise I have to cut through to get to one of our player's places, so I dug a 3x3 tunnel through it (yay TC hammers) and put a One Way Gate track down and capped the entryways so you have to go through the tracks to enter the tunnel. I just got it to spit you out on the other side when I had to leave for work.

    I was thinking maybe of adding a whistle track a dozen blocks from each stop, so players can know when it's pulling up with enough time to get on the station?

    I am still very novice at this and haven't done a test run yet. I think in theory my set up works just fine, but I haven't tested it, The area has been littered with chunk loaders so there's not going to be much trouble with the track not loading in time. If anyone reads my setup and has a better way of doing it please let me know. I'm trying to make it easy and no-maintenance, so I'd appreciate any expertise.
  18. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Sounds about right. I wouldn't mind seeing some pictures. Much easier to tell what's going on from a picture sometimes. Make sure to run one test with everything in off mode so you don't get disembarked, and that the train gets all the way around the track without any issue. Then turn on the embarkation and go from station to station and make sure you're sucked on at each station. Then the same with disembarking. And finally make sure that the train keeps going when it gets stopped.

    By off I mean with the boarding tracks forced on by redstone, but the rest of the things off. And also, tunnels are awesome. Even after digging one by hand over 800 blocks long.
  19. rungok

    rungok New Member

    Okay I'll snag some screenshots tonight!

    (I have to install the updated instance first though. We added modular turrets to the game. Joy! ... If only I could have a turret on a cart of the train to shoot mobs off the tracks.)

    ^Hell, if that was the case I'd totally make a fortress with a constantly looping turret train that does 'patrols' along the walls of my base.
  20. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Got Steve's Carts? If not bug the pack admin for it, because that's got an automatic arrow shooter. Can't recall if it works as part of a train, but they can be self powered.

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