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Open Server play.amfmc.net | Unleashed 1.1.3 | Mature Community | Plugin Devs | 24/7 | GriefPrevention | Mumble

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by pherce, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. pherce

    pherce New Member

    Server IP: play.amfmc.net
    - Website registration (optional) is quick and easy with Enjin, and you earn a free rank -​


    Server Stats:
    DDoS protection, 8gb of memory, SSDs in Raid, and blazing fast CPUs

    • All of the obligatory ones: no griefing, exploiting, or harassment of players or staff.
    • The most important rule is "don't be 'that' guy!"
    Are you a young kid who spams global chat every 23 seconds trying sell your single MFSU that clearly no one wants? You should probably find another server.

    Are you the guy who thinks that it's okay to grief around a locked door just to see what's inside? You should find a new server too. We definitely have block-logging capabilities!

    We're not running a server to babysit players. Respect everyone and you'll be just fine. Play the game to have fun.

    What to expect:
    • A mature and connected community. Several of us have known each other for years and we are often in Mumble together or even playing other games through Steam and battle.net.
    • Amf has several staff members who have years of experience in hosting Minecraft servers. Not only do we have tons of admin experience, we have Java coders on staff that are willing to invest time to patch those buggy mods.
    Stop wasting your time on other servers that issue rollbacks every week because the staff lacks the experience to fix the constant barrage of problems that exist in mod packs. We backup our data every 15 minutes so you don't have to worry about losing hardly any work, even during prime time, simply because JoeDirt found a new bug that crashes the server and corrupts his chunk.


    Survival: on hard. If you're looking for a server that gives away 425 homes, /god, or even /gamemode 1 to top-tier donators, this isn't the server for you. While many mods make surviving a fight with Creepers and Zombies extremely trivial, we still strive to have some of that Survival theme that many of us 'grew up' with.

    Players trade and sell through ChestShop which allows the players to set the server's economy. You won't find a truckload of server admin shops with infinite stock that everyone will base their prices off of. You guys take care of setting the market!

    Ranks on Amf are gained through either time played, or through donation. You can earn everything that is restricted to the very higest rank simply by playing on the server!

    Player Protection:
    We use GriefPrevention with nearly every possible item added to the config that you can think of. We also use a plugin that blocks dangerous items like: force tools, wrenches, and more.


    Removed mods:
    DartCraft, ComputerCraft, PortalGun

    Banned items:
    Chunk loaders, bores, hammers, Earthmovers, destructive wands, and nukes

    All mods and items that are restricted or banned can be adjusted in the future. If we've banned something that isn't dangerous just to be safe, we can fix that. Nothing is set it stone.

    Stop on by! The spawn intro takes 1 minute and you'll be in the wilderness before you know it.
  2. pherce

    pherce New Member

    Added dynmap and unbanned tons of items for 'mining world' joys.
  3. Lohung

    Lohung New Member

    oh man i like this server... has a really good up time and it seems like the server owner is ALWAYS online... good stuff
  4. Convinced

    Convinced New Member

    Amazing server with dedicated staff to keep things running smooth. Strong community with members going on 3+ years of being with us.
  5. pherce

    pherce New Member

    Looks like we need a mall
  6. Kim Roser

    Kim Roser New Member

    What's amazing is the experience, all staff are qualified as admins or server admins with seasoned developers online.
  7. pherce

    pherce New Member

    New host running extremely well now. Time to build a mall.

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