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Whitelist Server PITSIM | FTB Mindcrack w/ Mystcraft | 24/7 | Whitelist | 21+

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by S1m2go, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. S1m2go

    S1m2go New Member


    Welcome to Pitsim! We use the FTB Mindcrack pack with the addition of mystcraft to facilitate a server that provides a high quality minecraft experience. This server is owned and managed jointly by aww_pitbull and myself, S1m2go. Our mission is to bring members of the Pitsim community together to work on large towns within a theme, such as modern, victorian, and medieval. If you feel that you'd like to become apart of our community, please read on for more information regarding the requirements and general information about how our server will be run. I look forward to playing with you in the future!


    Please read these simple rules before applying to be whitelisted, once applied you acknowledge that you have read and accept these conditions.

    Age: 21+ (I know this seems harsh, but I have my own little brothers and sisters and I refuse to babysit those who aren't related to me, sorry.)
    Community: This is a true multiplayer server, as such we don't recommend going off by yourself all the time.
    Skype: We require skype to communicate when working on joint projects, you do not need a microphone because you don't have to talk if you don't want to. There is no communication requirement while playing solo, but most of us will be hanging out in a call while we play anyways.
    No spamming chat, no religious or political conversation that could be seen as provocative.
    Greifing: If it isn't yours, do not touch it without the permission of the owner. Keep your hands to yourself!
    Unapproved Items: Mystcraft books, tunneler, builder, nukes.
    Dragons: We want to kill these beasts as a community, do not attempt to solo these types of activities. If you're unsure, just ask.
    Youtube: We highly encourage those who would like to post videos of their adventures and creations while playing on our server, and we appreciate the free advertising!
    Extended Absence: If someone has not logged on for over 3 weeks we will be providing their spot to someone else. I believe that real life is more important than minecraft however, but if you know you'll be gone for awhile just let an op know so that we can keep your spot reserved for you.

    There are no protections enabled on our server, but we monitor the logs very closely and will take any action required against those that break our rules.

    Mystcraft is enabled, but we do not allow the creation of ages purely because it causes massive server lag. We have a couple of community ages located at spawn which anyone can use.


    Minecraft experience:
    FTB experience:
    Reason we'd want you on our server:
    (feel free to submit screenshots of your past work, but do not feel that it is a requirement)


    Because mystcraft is not apart of the generic Mindcrack pack you will need to add the .zip file to it via the FTB Launcher. This is a very simple process and takes usually under 2 minutes to complete.
    A short video that explains how to do this can be found here:

    To connect to another server that runs the generic version of the Mindcrack pack, simply highlight the Mindcrack pack from the main menu of the FTB launcher, click edit mod pack, search for "mystcraft-uni-1.4.6-" under enabled mods and click the option "Disable > >" to return it to the default pack (you will need to do this whenever you want to switch between a server that has mystcraft added to Mindcrack, and one that doesn't). You will also need to complete this short process whenever an update is provided by the FTB team.
  2. YayTomato

    YayTomato New Member

    Pit I cant get on the server the message at the server select thing says Can't Reach Server and if I enter it says Connection refused: Connect
  3. S1m2go

    S1m2go New Member

    You might have been looking at it during a restart, sometimes I have to completely close my client and restart it for it to actually ping the server correctly. But its up, we're playing!
  4. Badger

    Badger New Member

    IGN: Brian_Barnson
    Minecraft experience: I have been playing since... umm... late alpha? back when zombies were first created.
    FTB experience:Not a whole lot. I have a ton of experience with each of the individual packs, although I have never had interest in maintaining nukes or using equivalent exchange.
    Reason we'd want you on our server: That you would have to determine for yourself. I am a talker. I live in Salt Lake (USA). I am a professional independent 3d low-poly game artist. I am a builder, but I enjoy the challenge of collecting materials the hard way. I actually prefer doing EVERYTHING the hard way (although I do not object to building automation...the hard way (grin)). I am a huge fan of steampunk (Don't expect me to make buildcraft chip tables or mining lasers) so I tend to avoid item pipes in favor of railroads (or conveyor belts if they are available). I self-limit a good deal with regards to how I get from point a to point b, choosing rock crushers over macerators, steve's carts farms over forestry, boilers over nuclear plants, water towers over TE aquatics or bc pumps, locomotives over accelerators, massive railcraft tanks over easy buildcraft ones, and essentially building as steampunk-fantasy looking enclosures as possible to surround and camouflage necessary technology.

    I tend to closely examine real-world architecture when i create things, and love recreating (in feel if not reality) structures like Mad King Ludwig's castle and the cathedral of Saint Michael using a combination of structure and sub-blocks. I do not scoff at industrial creations either, having a positive fascination for complex architectural things like old-style oil derricks, refineries, and copper mines. I also like creating fantasy and fairy architecture (I have a graduate degree in architecture although I never actually used it) and like to create floating elven fortresses, underwater sea-structures, and full-on evil nether demon castles.

    I have a small bit of my older 3d work at brigadon.deviantart.com although I haven't touched it in years and it is not minecraft-related.

    Games-wise I play towns (an indy game in the same spirit as minecraft, although totally different type of game) and I am one of the artists for the indy game Frayed Knights: The skull of Smahk-Daon. I also (still) play roller coaster tycoon and transport tycoon, simcity, Arcanum: of steamworks and magica obscura, and rail cities. My favorite mods are railcraft, minefactory reloaded, immibis core (subblocks) and thermal expansion.(especially all together)

    I am currently working on a steampunk-themed art pack (64x) for core minecraft and selected mods, and I run a small steampunk-themed private server using the mods in question. I am active in the mod community and have helped beta some of the mods in use here, although I do not actually program, and I have helped out with textures on several occasions.

    I am a disabled Vet, and have a lot of time on my hands. I can be playing at any time of the day or night. My wife also plays, and if I join a server i might eventually ask for her to be included (if the community is right)

    Any Questions?
  5. NightHunter13

    NightHunter13 New Member

    IGN: NightHunter13
    Age: 21
    Minecraft Experience: Since 1.6.1
    FTB Experience: Played since 1 month after it was released and then started playing Minecrack Pack after the updates. I've been playing the Minecrack Pack for about 6 months. I'm practically an expert if I do say myself :)!
    Reason We'd want you on the server: I can make very large projects and bases in a few months. One of those projects was the floating islands project at around y183 where you can't fly too while. The island took about a week to build. The details and other small esstials took over 1-5 weeks.
    Also, you would want me on this server because i'm on about everyday if I have Homework or meetings to go to. I have a skype account just for gaming which is : NightHunter13 or gaminghunter13
    Just on a little note could you add a link to the myscraft downloading section?
    Other Games I play are: Dota 2, Towns (It was cheap :O 18 MB!!!), League of Legends, and other games.
  6. jt_d123

    jt_d123 New Member

    Age: I'm 19 :( but you wont need to baby sit me, i aswell have little siblings
    Minecraft experience:been playing minecraft seance alpha 1.2_02
    FTB experience:been playing ftb seance beta still learning things
    Reason we'd want you on our server: I love to play with other people, and i am normally a friendly person. But as of everyone, I some times come unglued when someone is constantly being a bitch (sorry for lack of better words.).

    Also my skype name is jt.deel
  7. gukliuyk

    gukliuyk New Member

    IGN: Gukliuyk

    18 i have read the first post of this thread however felt like giving it a go.

    Minecraft experience:
    I have been playing since classic and i bhought the game early alpha.

    FTB experience: Ive only recently (depends on opinion) begon to play feed the beast however i am a earlier tekkitplayer (quit because they had no respect for the modcreators) so i should be able to get up to speed fairly quickly.

    Reason we'd want you on our server: I see no reason why you'd want me on your server however i see, a few reasons why you'd have me on your server. One of the reasons is that i noticed a lack of views/ replies on this thread and i can therefore imagine that there might be a lag of players, on the server making it ideal to have the community grow just a little even though my age is a bit under the bar so to speak. I am fairly cooperative when it comes to completing a project together. I keep, a certain level of proffesionalism to what which i spend my time on, however this does not imply the impossible use of funny- to - disguting/ rude jokes once in awhile.

    further info about me will have to be gotten though PM.

    Sincerely Gukliuyk
  8. gorillaspy3

    gorillaspy3 New Member

    Minecraft experience:I have been playing since early beta and ive been playing FTB for about 2 months now and im looking for a server to try out with a good community.
    FTB experience:I havent had many experiences but im shure i will on your server.
    Reason we'd want you on our server:I want to join your server to play on with muture adults that dont giref/PVP because they carnt be bothered to play the game proply and just grief for the fun of it:mad:

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