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Whitelist Server Pebs ~direwolf20 (latest)~ Server

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by tindin, Dec 21, 2014.

  1. tindin

    tindin New Member

    About: the server was created as some where for me and my son to play on and i have decided to open it up to a few others that are looking for a place to call home. The map is only a week or so old as of 12/21/2014.

    : Pebs
    Pack: Direwolf20 1.7.10 ~1.0.3~
    IP -Port: given when accepted
    Owner: Tindin

    GameMode: Survival
    Whitelisted: Yes
    Whitelisting Status: Open
    Website: http://pebs-mc.enjin.com/home
    Voice Server IP: Coming Soon
    IRC Channel: irc.esper.net #pebs
    Added Mods:


    Server Rules:
    • Play fare
    • no griefing
    • no taking from others with out asking
    Server Summary: PvP is Turned off

    Server Specs
    : Creeperhost 5gb server

    BannedItems: none
    Whitelist Application Format:
    • Name
    • What your looking for in a server
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  2. AndersWithTheCat

    AndersWithTheCat Well-Known Member

    Hallo My Name is Anders aka anders12116 AKa(steam) JellyBean im 17 years old very friendly like to have fun in all sorts of ways :)
    since my server got closed that i Managed/owned, i have more free time and i want to play on a newly made server, you don't feel too filled, also feel free to ask me if your having problems at some point with server/web stuff:)

    IGN: anders12116
  3. tindin

    tindin New Member

    both accepted and thank you for your interest in Pebs
  4. GunnerWolf

    GunnerWolf New Member

    • Name : GunnerWolf
    • What your looking for in a server : A small, friendly community, a place to exersize my creative freedom and try out new mods, preferably before everybody else has already reached end game
  5. Spirezzzz

    Spirezzzz New Member

    • Name: Spirezzzz
    • What your looking for in a server: A small community to play mods together, nice people and a lot of hours spent on it :D
  6. b0wchicab0w0w

    b0wchicab0w0w New Member

    • Name: b0wchicab0w0w
    • What your looking for in a server I am looking for a server for me and my friend to play on. I want it to be safe from trolls. I also want a close nit community.
    • If you can whitelist my friend as well, my friend is Bosso77, I know him from school and he is trust worthy and would basically put the same thing just saving him from having to post
  7. tindin

    tindin New Member

    i messaged you the server info

    as for the launcher problem easiest fix would be to delete direwolf20_17 folder and redown load it all
  8. tindin

    tindin New Member

    Last edited: Dec 23, 2014
  9. dustin heisey

    dustin heisey New Member

    • Name - Pibx10
    • What your looking for in a server - I'm primarily looking for a server that actually has collaboration, and isn't just a bunch of people working on their own.
  10. n12i1ck11

    n12i1ck11 New Member

    • Name - n12i1ck11
    • What your looking for in a server - somewhere people play fair and have fun
  11. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    • Name - anthony098765
    • What your looking for in a server - a small friendly community with no lag and a place to call home :)
  12. tindin

    tindin New Member

  13. Gunner3564

    Gunner3564 New Member

    • Name: Gunner3564
    • What your looking for in a server : I would like to join a good community, a server that i can fell accepted in. Also Single-player is no fun it better to play with friends. A Good server to call "home", And its fun to not have to worry about my stuff/base getting greifed.
  14. tindin

    tindin New Member

    I'm looking for some one to help with the website
  15. Lonedarklord

    Lonedarklord New Member

    • Name: Lonedarklord
    • What your looking for in a server: A nice server where i can play with others and help build amazing things
  16. boomcrashdoh

    boomcrashdoh New Member

    • Name: mambomatt123
    • What your looking for in a server: I am looking for a server where I can have a survival setting but with others to share it with. Minecraft is better with friends.

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