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Whitelist Server OzCraft | 1.2.1 Whitelist | Mature + Experienced players (25+)

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by ariom, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. ariom

    ariom New Member

    IMPORTANT: We've just updated to version 1.2.1.

    Hey everyone, we are a small group of experienced players looking for more players to join us. Mature AND experienced players are welcome to apply.

    The server is a dedicated server running Direwolf20 1.7.10 version 1.2.1 with 8Gb of RAM.

    We are fairly relaxed but have a few rules:
    - There are no banned items, but please be sensible and try not to create lag
    - Mystcraft is ok, but please only create the ages you really need. Again, lag is our concern.
    - If building quarries, please limit them to your mystcraft ages.
    - PvP is off. That means no griefing or stealing either.
    - Chunk loading is fine, but please be sensible and only load what you really need.

    If you're interested, please leave a comment with:

    Name: (so we can whitelist you)
    How much you play:
    What DW20 mods are you interested in using?:
    What will you be doing on our server?:

    Please do not direct message the mods (myself and secondking) about access. We will get to you when as soon as we can :)

    Our server address is ozcraft.is-leet.com:25567
    We now have a TeamSpeak server located at ozcraft.is-leet.com (thanks to secondking)
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  2. O2Hunter

    O2Hunter New Member

    IGN - Streetgost
    Age - 16
    Location - Germany
    How much you play - About 4-6 Hours

    IGN - 3asypwner
    Age - 18
    Location - Germany
    How much you play - About 3-5 Hours
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2015
  3. Moryse

    Moryse New Member

    IGN Moryse
    Age 18
    Location California, U.S.
    How much you play Everyday for varying amounts of time
  4. ariom

    ariom New Member

    Hi guys, the server address is ozcraft.is-leet.com:25567 and you have been added to the whitelist. Please play responsibly and enjoy!
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2015
  5. secondking

    secondking New Member

    hey guys, welcome, looking forward to playing with you 3
  6. ariom

    ariom New Member

    Oh hey, I also forgot to mention Secondking is also part owner of the server.
  7. Moryse

    Moryse New Member

    Ill be on once i get out of school, around 3:30 pm west coast time
  8. Mr. Holes

    Mr. Holes New Member

    IGN: ItsACusterThing
    Age: Im 14, and mature
    Location: Florida
    How much you play: I will play a lot, and have tons of experience.
  9. secondking

    secondking New Member

    ItsAcusterthing i cant find anything about you, not even a skin, mind answering a few questions?
    1. what mods do you like from dw20?
    2.whats the normal (average) population on the servers you have been on?
  10. eteninty

    eteninty New Member

    IGN: Mythaell
    Age: 25
    Location: Indiana, US
    How much you play: I usually play a couple hours a day, more when time allows for it
  11. ariom

    ariom New Member

    I'm ok with the responses so far, though it be great to get a few more older players to join us.
  12. cpfuzzy

    cpfuzzy Active Member

    IGN: Cpfuzzyz
    Age: 17
    Location: US
    How much you play: About 4+ hours a day.
    What DW20 mods are you interested in using?: Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, usually most though.
    What will you be doing on our server?: Building, playing with mods and such.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2015
  13. zander145

    zander145 New Member

    Name: zamder145
    Location: NC, USA.
    How much you play: Currently few hours a week, goes up and down depending on life situation.
    What DW20 mods are you interested in using?:Thaumcraft, EnderIO, and bigreactors
    What will you be doing on our server?: Probably build a nice house, talk in chat, help people out if they want it,
  14. Mr. Holes

    Mr. Holes New Member

    I've like most magic mods, especially Thuamcraft and Botanis in DW20
    I usually play on servers with around 10 people, average
  15. ariom

    ariom New Member

    The whitelist has been updated. You guys should be able to join. Welcome aboard.
  16. ariom

    ariom New Member

    IMPORTANT NEWS: I've updated to version 1.1.1 and fixed a config bug. Please just update your games to join.
  17. WaywardG

    WaywardG New Member

    Name: Stonegazer
    Age: 32
    Location: US Midwest
    How much you play: I don't have a regular schedule; could be anywhere from several hours a day to several hours a week.
    What DW20 mods are you interested in using?: Tinkers', Railcraft, Ender IO, dabbling, of course, in a great many more
    What will you be doing on our server?: I've been on a bit of a steam age bent lately, so I'll probably be producing large amounts of charcoal and turning it into steam to power some manner of industry.

    *edit* I just noticed PneumaticCraft on the list and watched a video. I'll definitely be playing around with that, as well.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2015
  18. zander145

    zander145 New Member

    So, whenever I login, I crash. I a giant purple mask thing fell on me. ._. Could my location be reset to spawn?
  19. Lepking13

    Lepking13 New Member

    Name: Lepking13
    Age: 20
    Location: Central United States
    How much you play: I play usually about 2-3 hours during the week, and powergame about 8 on the weekends when not occupied.
    What DW20 mods are you interested in using?: I've used a lot of various mods in the past, although I am very tech oriented. I usually do magic as well, after I have resources.
    What will you be doing on our server?: Playing Minecraft, collecting resources, and attempting to fill a DSU. I will one day succeed at legitimately filling a DSU, until then that is my goal.
  20. ariom

    ariom New Member

    Welcome aboard Stonegazer (WaywardG) and Lepking13.

    Zander, I'll reset your player data file so you can start again. Also, seriously, WTF are those things? They look mean.

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