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Optifine + other mods

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by captainnana, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    To install mods that need to go inside the jar to a currently existing modpack just drop the zip file inside of the modpack folder/instmods and start the game and the mod will be installed! To install other mods that need to go inside the /mods folder just go into /modpack/minecraft/mods and drop the mod inside when you next launch the game the mod will be installed, if you have problems after installing the mods please dont ask for support until you have tried removing the extra mods you added, if that fixes the problem then don't ask for support here ask the creators of the mod causing the problem!
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  2. Skaduush

    Skaduush New Member

    Furthermore you can also use the Launchers built in mod installation features... Edit Mod Pack.
    Add standard Mods through the Mods tab, Mods that modify your minecraft.jar file through the JarMods tab, and mods that need to be placed within the /.minecraft/coremods folder can be added using the CoreMods tab.

    This way you do not have to copy / move / delete individual mod files and if you make a mistake your mods are still located their original location. Here's a quick tutorial I did for my players:

    Manual FTB Mod install Tutorial

    Edit Mod Pack FTB feature Tutorial
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  3. egovinco

    egovinco Active Member

    A Question dont know if i can post it here...
    In The MindCrack guys Videos there is always a chat bubble and player distance above/next to the name...
    is this actually in the pack, and i have to activate it?
    Or can someone tell me the name of the mod?!
    Sorry if this is off topic or spam...
  4. bhblacky

    bhblacky New Member

    jup, would like to know the same thing, installed the mindcrack pack completly and activated it on the client, but it doesn't show up. is it maybe not ubuntu 12.04 compatible?

    i'm using optifine as well, maybe it blocks the whole thing?
  5. sherrifmarty

    sherrifmarty New Member

    i really want to add logistics pipes and the additional pipes but every time i do it crashes can someone help me
  6. Squee

    Squee New Member

    It's VoxelPlayer mod from the VoxelModPack (included in MindCrack Pack).
  7. Shaidon

    Shaidon New Member

    The new OptiFine_1.4.6_HD_U_C1 solve the my issue of not loading my world (stuck in "Building Terrain"), because it now support the Forge, but I noticed that when I use the Seed Bags to plant the 5x5 seeds, only the block that I was targeting that get updated, the others I need to reload the world, or wait to grow to the next crop level.

    Anyone know what option could be set to at least force this update while Im still playing?
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  8. shanebassist

    shanebassist New Member

    THANK YOU MAN. You have no idea how much trouble you just saved me :D
  9. imabigkid

    imabigkid New Member

    Yeah I found out that when I added OptiFine 1.4.6_HD_U_B6 into FTB it would crash trying to load my world as well... I'm glad you mentioned that C1 works or else I would have just deleted OptiFine all together :)
  10. Scaffolding

    Scaffolding New Member

    Updating to Optifine C2 and/or Forge 518 will fix the block update issue.
  11. money246

    money246 New Member

    What do you mean by into the modpack folder?? I have been having problems with this
  12. Psykoe

    Psykoe New Member

    Nice thread to help people who want some custom mods in the packs :)
    I have been using Optifine since starting on the MindCrack pack and everything has been fine. Been offline for a bit though because I just moved, finally updated it to v8.0.1 of the MindCrack Pack and Optifine HD_C3 and now alot of things are being odd. Like when I break 3 tall Sugar Cane the one in the air remains even though it actually broke, same with some trees (I have treecapitatior) and some stay behind after ive felled them and gotten the wood from them with only the bottom block missing until I relog. Now my turtle is invisable lmao. Anyone here know what might be causing all of that?
  13. Velotican

    Velotican New Member

    Anyone having any issues with Optifine should also make sure they update Forge. Both have been under heavy development lately with a lot of changes.

    Optifine C3 and above are not compatible with Forge versions older than #517.

    Additionally, there are block update problems caused by using older versions of Forge between 499 and 516. FTB currently uses 515 by default so this is why so many people are having problems.

    Use Optifine C3 or newer and Forge #518.
  14. Psykoe

    Psykoe New Member

    Good to know Velotican, thanks alot good sir. I wish the modpacks "Edit Mods" section told what versions of the mods where in there :) Never did look at the main menu list of mods, shame on me :p
  15. Shaidon

    Shaidon New Member

    Hmm... Sorry for the newbish, but how do I avoid FTB to auto-update? Trying to update the forge, but as soon I launch, it download minecraft.jar again.
  16. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

  17. MadeOke

    MadeOke New Member

    Optifine D5,C3 have bug..
    i cant see what player holding
    ftb ultimate 1.01
  18. CyberWolf94

    CyberWolf94 New Member

    Running Optifine D5 but animations are not working (redstone, torch animations etc)
  19. Cirom

    Cirom Well-Known Member

    I tested it, and yeah. It happens with me too, this is a rather strange glitch.
  20. Pieismanly

    Pieismanly New Member

    Hey I'm trying to install flans mod to the Yogcraft mod pack and it isn't installing. I have done it both manually and used the edit mod pack feature but it doesn't seem to work. I've looked at my console and the only error to do with flans mod is this " 2013-04-12 17:04:20 [WARNING] [ForgeModLoader] The mod id FlansMod attempted to register channels without specifying a packet handler" please help.

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