Old Man! Streaming 1.7.10 modpacks

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by insomx, Oct 22, 2014.

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    Link: http://www.twitch.tv/insomx

    Hi everyone and all fellow streamers!

    I have begun streaming Flux galaxy 3rd party 1.7.0 heavily modded pack in twitch yesterday and have been telling people i know, about the pack in twitch. I am a fan of slowpoke101 streams and very active there.
    In this modpack i loved the idea of having to go to moon for your first press in AE2.
    In the stream, Yesterday, i have searched for ender lillies and today i will search for dungeons for some more, and if i cant find it i will switch to endermen hunt for the time being and then i will go to nether for ardite/cobalt mining. The stream will last 5-6 hours approx between 5 hours from now till 11 hrs from now
    You are free to come and say hi or even lurk in stream!
    My twitch link is same: insomx !
    Dont be shy to click that follow button will you good sir:)
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