Nova Vonra | Live-Stream about FTB Interactions Everyday At Evening, Everyone Welcome!


New Member
Jul 8, 2022
Hey guys, Nova's here and its time for some promoting i guess? xD
been streaming for 'bout a month now, got quite used to streaming but still growing very slowly sadly, but i would ask you for a chance:
I'm a beginner kinda perfectionist focused on making everything working neatly, i like J-Pop (hiroyuki sawano god), kinda furry
Open for tips and help from chat, interactive live, i won't make you feel like a sidekick xD
Tho i not a native speaker of English i do study and am still learning the language, so its nice if you guys came into my stream and helped me exercise my english
See ya guys ( •̀ ω •́ )✧
(got a discord server and a youtube channel for future content ;D )