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Private Pack NoodlePowered Network | Custom modpack | Great community | Teamspeak | Skype

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by IBeRamen, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Last edited: Jul 21, 2015
  2. Alex45920

    Alex45920 New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username): Alex45920
    • Age: 17
    • Timezone: Central
    • How will you benefit our community? i would consider myself an expert in ic2, and buildcraft/thermal expansion, so i would love to help others with those mods, as well as learn new ones
  3. McKim Boys

    McKim Boys New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username): McKim_Boys
    • Age: 19
    • Timezone: GMT
    • How will you benefit our community? I am a youtuber and I enjoy working on projects or just helping people in general. I also make sure that my builds aren't strenuous on the server as to not cause any lag. (also I am on ts quite a bit)
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2014
  4. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    @Alex45920 @McKim Boys
    Both of you are accepted. Welcome to the server!

    Updated the thread: Added new pictures to show off some features in the pack.
  5. Minethepeeps

    Minethepeeps New Member

    Ugh I wish I was 15...
  6. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Bumped it down to 14.

    Feel free to apply.
  7. Minethepeeps

    Minethepeeps New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username): rooneyboy_1
    • Age: 13 (turning 14 in a while)
    • Timezone: Uk GMT +00
    • How will you benefit our community? Well I'm a friendly mature person that would log on and have fun with the other members. I can also help out with things like thaumcraft thermal expansion and building.
  8. BBgunner007

    BBgunner007 New Member

    IGN: BBgunner007
    Age: 14
    Timezone: Eastern
    How will you benefit our community? That to me is a hard question because i am all new to this feed the beast stuff, so i think I would benefit the community by joining so there would be more players...
  9. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Accepted, welcome.
  10. BlairFluffyBear

    BlairFluffyBear New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username): blair2000
    • Age: 14
    • Timezone: EST
    • How will you benefit our community?: I love talking to people in chat, gather mass resources, solving problems, and logistics! :D
  11. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Accepted, have fun!
  12. Alious

    Alious New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username):Alious
    • Age:23
    • Timezone:EST
    • How will you benefit our community?I'm always having fun learning as many mods as I can remember and teaching anyone who asks about any mods I know of. I enjoy the meshing of mods and experimenting with different configurations, sharing what I know with the community.
  13. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Accepted, welcome!
  14. Tyga

    Tyga New Member

    1) Your Minecraft Username: tyga777

    2) Your age: 21

    How will you benefit our community? ive been looking for a server with a good community that I could join that has teamspeak/microphone options im a very friendly person and would love to find a nice community I could be apart of, how much I benefit your community would come down to how comfortable I feel in your community

    What is your timezone? GMT 08:00 + (Because Australians are awesome ;P )

  15. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Accepted, welcome to the community!
  16. FallenWrath11

    FallenWrath11 New Member

    Username: wheaget1210

    Age: 15

    How will you benefit: Just a player here looking for some people to play with, also hoping to livestream the playing of the server as i am on.

    Timezone: Pacific
  17. IBeRamen

    IBeRamen New Member

    Accepted, welcome!
  18. MrSilverGamerz

    MrSilverGamerz New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username): MrSilverGamerz
    • Age: 16
    • Timezone: +1 Rome
    • How will you benefit our community? Well I'm a friendly mature person and I want to play with another people! :p
  19. Varxs_kids2

    Varxs_kids2 New Member

    IGN: Have none, but have steam - Varxs_kids
    How will you benefit our community? I am REALLY good with redstone, Buildcraft I love playing with people, i NEVER cuss, I am very helpfull and friendy and i hate playing by my self.
  20. nannucci

    nannucci New Member

    • IGN (Minecraft Username): nannucci
    • Age: 14
    • Timezone: Eastern US
    • How will you benefit our community? In all honesty, I am just starting to play ftb. In the technical aspect of things, I have a lot to learn. On the other side of the spectrum however, I love to help and contribute to communities no matter what the game. I will be a helping member in any way I can and will always be sure to put others before me so as not to invoke conflict.

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