No good Underwater Mod out there?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Count_Cocofang, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Count_Cocofang

    Count_Cocofang New Member

    I was wondering why there really is no good underwater mod. Especially considering that underwater and especially oceans are an area Minecraft is utterly lacking currently. Currently the best "ocean related" mods out there are probably Redpower and Buildcraft (for adding Valcanoes and Oil wells into the ocean) which in itself is quite a sad fact.

    Just throwing a few ideas out there, this is not a mod and (atleast I) will never make it one (since I suck at coding)

    A few things a Underwater Mod could do:
    • Improvements on vanilla mechanics:
      • Improved Fishing. Fish are now actual entities (reproducing and capped). They will slowly swim towards the new improved fishing rod (you could also perhaps dig up some worms while digging dirt perhaps.
      • Improved Squid. Nimbler, smaller and with a chance to flee (in an ink cloud upon being attacked). Also now only in Ocean biomes.
      • Perhaps improved boats... :D
    • Ocean World Generation:
      • Shipwrecks with treasure.
      • Sunken treasures
      • Coral Reefs and Seaweed Fields (certain luminescent Plants and Corals perhaps)
      • Perhaps 1 underwater ore?
    • More Fish:
      • Different species of Fish and Clams. All with their special traits.
      • Can all be caught using fishing rods or other tools.
      • They are bound to habitats/food sources or Territories. There number is capped based on the size of the watermass and the avaibilty of habitat enviroment (like corals) food (other fish) or space between groups of these fish (Territory)
      • All those could offer special traits and products and could be aggresive/poisenous/electrecuting or easily scared. Perhaps A fish that creates Air bubbles that fill up your gauge or a fish that creates light and when killed give 1-3 glowstone dust.
      • Perhaps a Forestry-esque Fish-genetic system. World generated fish usually wouldn't interbred (just not found together in a breedable way, meaning that you could perhaps just find Fish A, Fish B, but Fish A and B can't breed since Fish A actually eats Fish B. Add onto this clams (which couldn't be crossed with fish :D
    • Various Items:
      • Diving Suit
      • Fishing Net (no range, but catches the fish if you manage to click it directly) Not so good on easily scared fish :D
      • Fish Tank. Multiblock structure, basically works like a normal watermass (and thus also needs to be of fitting size for the fish. Allows for easy management of fish (you don't need to catch them and can take them out using an GUI.) Goes for every objects in the tank including habitat items or special food.
      • In the case of fish-genetics a tool to analyze them could be cool.
      • Various Food Items (Fugi, Clam-meat, Caviar, etc.) that all could provide various buffs or have other uses. Electric eels could be used as 1 time batteries for other mods :D
      • Treasure chests (chests that don't create a ugly looking air-bubble, a quality that all natural underwater items could share.
    I don't know, but I really feel it's a big weakness of Minecraft and one that isn't really affected by the modding scene up to now.
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  2. Pip69

    Pip69 New Member

    I have seen mods for coral reef and for more fish, not sure they're still updated though.
  3. Belthales

    Belthales New Member

    The idea of shipwrecks and "sunken treasure," actually sounds quite intriguing. I've always enjoyed just exploring my worlds finding all the neat little caves, and villages.
  4. Democretes

    Democretes New Member

    There is a Coral Reef Mod and Scuba diving mod made by Nanodalt. There is another WIP Sunken Treasures mod. I'm sure there's more. Try googling different words.
  5. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I'm I the only guy that when I see stuff like diving suit or scuba I think "why I got a bucket thats all I need"?
  6. Yuka

    Yuka New Member

    1- But the squids are so much fun as they are!
    They're so random and its funny seeing them suddenly appear in small puddles and such, maybe adding an octopus instead of removing the squids?

    2- Does clay count? :p
    Well I guess its not technically an ore, still, if its underwater it'd be such a pain to mine, specially without a mod that adds something to breathe underwater.

    3- Not sure it really counts as a diving suit, but I'm pretty sure Industrial-Craft ads a Scuba Helmet, as long as you have compressed air cans with you, you can breathe underwater. (It uses them up.) so at least that's something.

    But I agree with you mostly on everything else, water does seem pretty empty most of the times and has tons of room for having things added to it.

    Oh and:
    Yes, definitely need more/ better boats, it's something I've been wishing it was added to minecraft for soo long. xP
  7. Saice

    Saice New Member

    I want a sub
  8. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    IC2 adds the scuba helmet and air cells. MFFS can repel water, so building sunken structures is a bit easier now- but the sea floor could use some life/terrain gen.

    and something to stop squids from breaking your boats- tentacled mines of the sea
    -If you want a boat mod outside of FTB look here. ​
  9. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    I've always loved the idea of going underwater and making a base or whatever, but without Optifine's water overlay fix it's just too annoying. I don't feel like making a base underwater when I constantly have to look at a thick blue overlay.
  10. Dravarden

    Dravarden New Member

    Put a 3-layer thick glass wall between ice and the house?
  11. benben500

    benben500 New Member

  12. EternalDensity

    EternalDensity New Member

    I think it would be pretty cool to be able to build an aquarium in my base and stock it with various sea creatures.
  13. war_kittens

    war_kittens New Member

    What about Tropicraft?

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