Nintendo Switch


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Jul 29, 2019
I already pre-ordered mine lucky before major retailers ran out of stock. I personally haven't been this excited for a console since... Maybe Xbox 360? or was it the Original Xbox? I grew up with a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) So I've always been a die hard Nintendo Fan. My favorite systems were, my NES of course, the SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), and perhaps the N64. The only Nintendo System I missed out when I was young, as the Game Cube, which I heard was an amazing system. I never did like the Wii as much, but I enjoy the Wii U.

Anyways enough of my rambling about past systems and such, but I'm a big fan of Zelda, always has been, and that Breath of the Wild. Game of the Year I tell yah, The zelda game we fans has been asking for.. for... centuries. That and that Mario Odyssey will be amazing. Other then that.. There's not much else game wise that interest me for 2017 and as far as I can tell 2018 on the Switch. Well.. From what they have revealed... I do hope some more major IPs come from Nintendo, I mean they need it. A lot of people I know believe Nintendo are on their way towards failure, but I believe they will be around for many generations to come. Their innovation is what brings the best out of them, that, and they don't care about being competitive with the other major brands. While Sony, and Microsoft are duking it out, Nintendo just chills in the background making one ground breaking, memorial game, after another. Yes the years hasn't be kind to Nintendo, with the Wii U failing its sales, and the 3DS the only thing keeping them afloat, well besides the release of pokemon go, but I doubt they are going anywhere. They single handedly brought the video games back into the home, after Atari caused the video game market to crash. They started the first console war, and won it. When Sega started to talk smack. And still to this day, they go strong, not caring what others think of them.


I have heard stories of it bricking (term?) or crashing. I am assuming thats the loud minority. Any issues with you so far?


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Jul 29, 2019
i'm only aware of bluetooth issues with the controller but so far it seems it is generally a success just need to be backed up with more games. There is rumor they are making an artifical scarity surprised pokemon Ultra is still only being pushed for DS.

nintendo has enough money to supposedly stay afloat for years even if they fail several more times. it would really only take one success and the entire world is at their feet.


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Dec 24, 2013
They single handedly brought the video games back into the home, after Atari caused the video game market to crash.

Only in the US (the video game market was working very well in Europe at the same time, so well in fact that Nintendo's comparatively expensive NES was ignored in favor of microcomputers and, later, the Sega Master System), really.

Bishnu Gupta

Anyone tried the Nintendo Switch mobile app? What's your feedback regarding it?

Shoyeb Ahammad

I have tried it. But I'm not satisfied with its performance and graphics/


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Jan 7, 2020
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