New Mod: DPU - Don't Pick Up


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Jul 29, 2019
DPU - Don't Pick Up

Don't Pick Up by superckl

DPU is a mod that adds just one item to the game, the "excludifier." With this item, you can select items from a creative-like inventory that you wish to not be picked up. By doing this, whenever you walk past that item on the ground, you simply won't pick it up. No more inventories full of cobblestone from mining!

To start, you'll need to craft yourself an excludifier. This takes an ender pearl, so don't expect to have one right when you start!


After you have your excludifier, simply right click with it to bring up this GUI:


The first screen will show your inventory on the bottom and which items you have selected on top. To go to the creative-like search, simply click the compass tab to open a GUI similar to the creative inventory. In here, simply left click items to select or deselect them:


Once you've selected a few items, you can go back to the first tab and your selected items will be displayed. Note that you can also drag items from your inventory to the top section to select them. This will be required if you are your server admin decides to disable the creative-like search:


And you're done! Now you won't pick up any of those items until you either remove the excludifer from your inventory or deselect the items.

Note that you type in text to search for an either tab to filter your results:


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Jul 29, 2019
May want to reconsider the crafting expense in light of the cheaply-made OpenBlocks "/dev/null". See:

I disagree. Most of the current generation of modpack makers will more than likely change how you get it anyway. I'm planning on using this myself in two packs with very different ways to get it.

As far as balancing against other mods, I would rather have configuration to balance it myself than the mod author trying to do so against X number of mods. It's much easier for the pack maker to do it than the author and less stressful. Having 20 or 30 people pulling a dev in different directions causes to many issues.