New livestream starting soon! Black_D0g_z


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Jul 29, 2019
We at Server ManniCraft are going to be starting a Let's play for the new mod pack releases. We are hoping to start the live stream beginning on New Years Eve!!! We are using the MindCrack from FTB pack plus 2 or 3 other mods they did not include that we find we like on the server!

Stream Found Here:
Our Youtube channel:

Catch up and enjoy the fun maybe even get invited to play on ManniCraft (Limited seating)

Also for our debut live stream we are trying to get other you tubers and streamers to join us on the server and have some fun! So let everyone know and come enjoy yourself on New Years! (If you are a streamer or you tuber let us know and we can see if we have space to bring you in!)