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Whitelist Server New ftb Horizons Server Nolag | pure ftb (no plugins) | PVE & PVP

Discussion in 'Horizons' started by james50a, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. james50a

    james50a New Member

    Welcome to redstonacraft
    About us
    Welcome to redstonacraft, we here hope to create a server that is fun to play in while maintaining a high level of competition. This is the second time i will be running a server so unlike some other servers I understand what causes lag which can inevitably lead the fall of many servers. We are whitelisted but will periodically open up to new users depending on if people leave. We will try to maintain a community of about 10-15 active people

    What makes us unique?
    >We are not reliant on donations AT ALL!!!
    We have pre-rented the server for a period of 3 years starting earlier this month so unlike other servers which fail due to lack of funding its impossible to happen to us

    >No plugins whatsoever. What we bring to everyone is a pure ftb experience the way the developers intended for it to be

    >PVP is enabled and fully encouraged to a point (see rules)
    Some people might be worried about this but from my experience on my last server this was mostly used as just a fun way for people to solve user disputes.

    >The admins will NEVER spawn in items for their personal use (with the exception of events) and will have to earn everything the same as everyone else (except cases where testing is needed or due to a bug)

    >We will be eventually recruiting mods/admins. (if you have to ask to be one your probably not the type of person we are looking for)

    >Spawn will be built by the players on the server. you have complete control over this world :)

    > should the map ever go down we will be uploading the entire world map so that you never loose anything, EVER.

    >Raiding/steeling/greifing are not allowed at all and if proven are guranteed ways to get permabanned
    the exception to this is loot gained from any pvp fighting regardless if they want to fight or not
    >Pvp restrictions
    You may not use one hit kill items in pvp ie portal gun+moon
    you get loot from any fight
    you may not lure someone to there death under trading pretenses
    Dont be a dick with fairness ie diamond Armour vs newly joined player
    >You must be over the age of 13 to play on this server. all mods/admins must be over the age of 17.
    >swearing to insult other players is not tolerated. saying dam or something similar when you die is fine however.
    >Inappropriate buildings are reason enough for temporary to perma bans ie giant private parts or similar.

    >We are running of a 2gb vps (virtual private server)
    >We are basically allocated whatever amount of cpu power we need at any given time
    >We are running of Ubutnu (aka linux) which allows us massive control over the server to the point where we will be able to make not just internal but also remote backups.

    No longer accepting new applicants. people who are accepted will be contacted shortly
    We may however have a few more openings in the near future depending on how many people stick with the server
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2013
  2. Delzuar

    Delzuar Active Member

    IGN : Xx_Reaperman_xX
    Age : 21
    Do you accept the rules : Yes
    have you ever been banned : No
  3. dlkane

    dlkane New Member

    mine-craft user name: dlkane
    age: 29
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): yes
    have you ever been banned: no
  4. Ddonnell

    Ddonnell New Member

    mine-craft user name: Ddonnell
    age: 17
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes, I do.
    have you ever been banned: Never played on a FTB server, but am experienced in FTB.
  5. Lostkiller

    Lostkiller New Member

    mine-craft user name: Lostkiller
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes
    have you ever been banned: No
  6. jackaloonie

    jackaloonie New Member

    MC IGN: jackaloonie
    Age: 15
    Do You accept the rules: Yes.
    Have you ever been banned: Falsely accused and was proven innocent; other than that no
  7. james50a

    james50a New Member

    just doing finishing touches tonight to make sure everything's working good. will open up to players tomorow afternoon/evening.

    accepted users: Xx_Reaperman_xX,dlkane,Lostkiller,Ddonnell

    denied users:jackaloonie
  8. coal99

    coal99 New Member

    Mc Name: coal99
    Age: 14
    Do you accept the rules: Yes.
    Have you been banned: No
  9. jackaloonie

    jackaloonie New Member

    may I ask why?[DOUBLEPOST=1386630854][/DOUBLEPOST]Coal99 can justify it was a misunderstanding; he was a moderator and it was like 2 years ago
  10. coal99

    coal99 New Member

  11. james50a

    james50a New Member

    ok if you are willing to vouch for him like i think you are ill accept it. Just trying to be carefull
  12. coal99

    coal99 New Member

    Alright, thanks man.
  13. jackaloonie

    jackaloonie New Member

    I can respect that
  14. Xian

    Xian New Member

    IGN: UnIdEnTiFiEd_Fox
    age: 15
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes
    have you ever been banned: Nope
  15. HoodyNinja72

    HoodyNinja72 New Member

    mine-craft user name: HoodyNinja72
    age: 14
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes
    have you ever been banned: Only once on vanilla because of IRL issues
  16. Arkenseth

    Arkenseth New Member

    I accept the rules
    I have never been banned
  17. DrParadise

    DrParadise New Member

    mine-craft user name: DrParadise
    age: 19
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes
    have you ever been banned:Nope
  18. Valastro

    Valastro New Member

    mine-craft user name: Valastro
    age: 29
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes
    have you ever been banned: Never banned

    On a side note, I look forward to being on a fun server, so I do hope I get accepted.
  19. shoemaker1231

    shoemaker1231 New Member

    mine-craft user name: shoemaker1231
    age: 14
    Do you accept the rules (yes/no): Yes
    have you ever been banned: I haven't been banned
    PS: Love the fact that you have no plugins! I've been trying to find a server like this for a long time. I hope I get accepted!
  20. jackaloonie

    jackaloonie New Member

    May I make a suggestion?

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