New FTB 1.2.4 project(PvP+PvBoss Maps.)

Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by RuRo, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. RuRo

    RuRo New Member

    I am going to make a map for FTB 1.2.4. But when you talk about big terraforming amounts you need something like WorldEdit. Sadly WE is for bukkit(NYI) and we have forge here. My Question is: Where can i find some kind of mod, that will allow me to work with big amaunts of blocks at the same time?
  2. anattackgoldfish

    anattackgoldfish New Member

    MCEdit, i tried this few days however and I ran into the problem of the world not loading in the program, but it should work.
  3. RuRo

    RuRo New Member

    Saddly you can't edit stuff ingame via MCedit and it will not work with dimensions. I'm much more interested in features like brushes and other tool of WE.
  4. FunshineX

    FunshineX New Member

    MCEdit does allow you to edit multiple dimensions, but you are correct it is not an in game tool like worldedit.
  5. RuRo

    RuRo New Member

    If you know a way to port it/a mod that includes the same functionality, again mainly brushes, post 'em here.

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