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Discussion in 'Feed the Beast News' started by Captainnana, Nov 5, 2013.


Is this theme an improvement on what we have now?

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    Hello, I'll soon be deploying a new forum version, I'd like some feedback on the new theme before I push it. Thoughts?

    Oh and I forgot:

    EDIT: The read/unread bubble thingy are currently getting drawn, they'll look better soon
  2. Lawbroken

    Lawbroken New Member

    It's looking nice. Will there be a better dark theme in the works as well? Or shell I keep Stylish on chrome :p
  3. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    I love the CURRENT theme and was, no kidding, just thinking to myself "this is a really nice theme" right before I saw this thread.

    On the new theme, the red thread titles and the red in the navigation is very bright and off-putting.
    If you like red, do it more like this theme please: where the red is much darker, and please stay away from using bright red bolded text on white.

    Thanks for reading! :)
  4. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    How many people agree that the red text is too bright?
  5. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    As long as I'm not forced to use it, I'm ok with the new option.
    I prefer the dark theme I'm using presently.
    Bright colors everywhere hurt my eyes.
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  6. Lathanael

    Lathanael New Member

    I do agree. A little bit darker and maybe a bit dirty (like the stained clay blocks are in minecraft compared to the wool) wouldn't hurt. And bright colors for text is a no-go as well for me. Otherwise i really like that new theme :)
  7. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    So.... I've been using the default theme for a while now and didn't even know there were other options. The dark theme is perfect! Thank you so much! You are my new hero!
  8. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha New Member

    it looks nice, it's nice and simple :)
  9. VikeStep

    VikeStep New Member

    Are ads going to be weaved into this theme in a similar placement as we have now?

    Apart from that, It looks like great! I can't wait to try it out.
  10. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    I would agree with AlanEsh to a certain extent, except his example goes just as far in the wrong direction... Black text on such a dark shade of red is just as annoying as bright red on a white background.
  11. Darkstone

    Darkstone New Member

    Have to agree with this, I'm not a fan of bright themes.
  12. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    A proper port is on my list, not making any promises for a while

    All the current themes will be going, they aren't compatible with the new updates so you'll have to use the new theme.

    Yeh, ads will be staying the exact same as they are now
  13. SatanicSanta

    SatanicSanta New Member


    Will there be a darker theme at a later date? Bright things coating my screen hurt my eyes as well.
  14. Flipz

    Flipz New Member

    Urgh...not a big fan of the new color scheme, I like the orange we have now. :('s better than it could be. I would say don't go any lighter than what you have on the red, though, and I'd definitely consider making blue and green variations to match the other two colors in the FTB logo (green might be a good color for a "dark" theme, just saying. ;) ).
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  15. NashuLee

    NashuLee New Member

    I am a fan of the dark theme that until just a few minutes ago, I didn't know existed!!
  16. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    The only black on red is the banner, the rest is white on dark red, or dark red on white or light gray.

    I wasn't suggesting adopting that theme specifically, just showing an example of how lowering the extremely high contrast can be accomplished and still have a similar set of colors.
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  17. Ashzification

    Ashzification New Member

    Ok then. I don't like this theme. I want the option to change to a darker theme.
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  18. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    Minor tweaks:

    Dark theme will come in time, I'm not rushing it and doing a crap job again so you'll just have to wait
  19. Captainnana

    Captainnana New Member

    That said I just spent a bit of time looking how hard it would be and I don't think I did too bad really due to the time I spent doing the bright theme properly, pics:

    Dont hold out for it in the initial version but hopefully not long after
  20. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    That's better! Although the aqua doesn't feel very.... FTBish? to me.
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