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Nether broken - screwing server!

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Shevron, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    So I have the weird problem with the nether, and I have no idea how to get out of this pickle.

    World is relatively young (a week or so) and there's not much technology going on yet, except for the odd pulveriser, furnace, lacerator and a couple of mining turtles.

    I'm noticing a sharp decrease in tps performance, and when I "/forge tps", I'm getting a good 20 tps on the overworld (dim 0) and a silly count of 4 tps in the nether (dim -1).

    If I try to portal to the nether using portal and / or mystcraft linking book, I just get a red screen, sometimes a block of nether world from afar, then the server kicks me out with a read timeout. Any further attempts to connect to read or connect to the server are unsuccessful after that, and I have to restart it. The logs show nothing of this, except for a normal player disconnection.

    The only structure in the nether, is a cobblestone rooms, with 4 redstone engines and a pump, pumping lava into a tank - and it's not even chunkloaded, so I don't see how the nether is crapping out so bad when it's not even supposed to be running.

  2. Juanitierno

    Juanitierno New Member

    I believe you can delete the nether files to have it regenerate.

    Maybe backup the world and try that?
  3. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    Ah so if I delete Dim-1 it will regenerate on startup?

    (yeah of course i'll backup :D)
  4. Juanitierno

    Juanitierno New Member

    I think so yes.

    Ive seen that used to regenerate the end and such too.
  5. Shevron

    Shevron Well-Known Member

    Thanks - I'll give it a spin, although I'm still boggled at how it got broken so bad with virtually nothing going on in there.
  6. Fe2O3

    Fe2O3 New Member

    I've had a corrupt nether chunk before in 1.5.x, must've been some naturally generated mod items doing stuff in places they weren't supposed to. Nether would work perfectly fine, until 'that' chunk loaded ... crashing the server.

    You could try with a map editor//viewer and poke around, see if anything is out of place. Maybe there's a hugeass lavalake, I had a mystcraft age once with just 1 island, rest lava ocean. Took forever to load//generate on my not so bad PC.
  7. Blue Sky

    Blue Sky New Member

    It used to be that certain areas around the spawn point in each dimension would remain loaded, but I'm not sure if that's the case anymore. If it is, that, combined with a buildcraft pump, could be causing problems by trying to render all the lava lighting updates. You could try either moving the pump a couple hundred blocks, or using an Extra Utilities Ender Thermic Pump, which replaces the source blocks it takes with stone, so no updates and no lighting changes. Keep in mind the Ender Thermic Pump will chunk load itself, though, so if you're trying to avoid chunkloading, it may not be a good idea.

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