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Whitelist Server Nervenheilanstalt|DW20 1.0.3|Whitelist|

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by MaxiZ_007, Feb 20, 2015.

  1. MaxiZ_007

    MaxiZ_007 New Member

    Welcome to the Nervenheilanstalt, (German server community)

    at first some facts about us:

    The name represents us very well. All of us have some craziness belonging to MC. Either we build enormous automation or crazy buildings. We are the leftover of a fan community of a former streamer. So we are a completely mixed community and that was always an interesting thing. Lately there were only a few left of us, so we decided to gather some 10 guys.

    Administered are the servers by me and my partner. Also we have another admin to support us and force the rules.

    We own following servers:
    - Direwolf20 Server
    8 Slots
    6GB Ram
    All mods enabled
    Reset: 21.2​

    - Yogscast Complete
    16 Slots
    8GB Ram
    exact list of mods are available
    started mid Jan​

    All servers are hosted by Nitrado.

    Some of the rules:
    Have fun!
    Don’t grief, steal, etc.
    PvP only if you both want!
    most other rule are mod pack specific​

    You should bring with you some characteristics:
    German speaking
    friendly and open minded
    age: 18+
    Have fun talking to others while playing​

    So if you are interested just shoot a mail to us at [email protected].
    Youtubers/Streamers are welcome :)
    You will get the IP’s of the servers and of the TS via mail.

    If you want to read this article in German, just follow the link: http://goo.gl/6WZNpT

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