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Jul 29, 2019

NerdCrafted is a small server. Being small is how we make the best possible experience.
Keeping a small enough user base keeps most common server issues from ever happening!
Yet you still can enjoy all the benefits of a community.
The admins here wanted a place to share the great game of Minecraft and the endless possibilities of design that goes with the game .

How can you become a part of this?
Our community needs 10 core people at this time. We hope these 10 people will become the back bone of a special community. You must be a active player! we have a few slots open and we cant give them to you if you will only be on once every couple of weeks. We want builders! We really enjoy how complex modded Minecraft can be, or how you can take something very complicated and make it very simple! What can you do?


To apply for are server go to http://nerdcrafted.enjin.com/application

All of the server rules can be found at http://nerdcrafted.enjin.com/about

Server TeamSpeak:

Server Specs:
2048MB RAM
Dedicated IP

Server IP:

we have a small donation store which we would like to use to offset the cost of running the servers. If needed we can all discuss the possibility of upgrading the server specs.
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Jul 29, 2019
The register feature on the website is broken. It says to type the two words I see, but there are no words. Can't do it on the application page either.

In the meantime, should I post my application here?