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Jul 29, 2019

Nanocraft Server IP:
Modpack: FTB Ultimate v1.0.1
Website: http://www.nano-craft.net
New map since 16/04/2013! A fresh start for everyone!

What's Nanocraft:
Nanocraft started as an spanish minecraft server more than a year ago, we started with the 1.2.5 version using craftbukkit and a selection of mods that we enjoyed. Then we jumped to 1.4.5 with Mindcrack and by popular demand we're going international ( English will be the main language ) using FTB Ultimate with some adjustments.

What can you expect from the staff in Nanocraft:
First of all, we're players like everyone else so we'll be playing as much as we can, we've got plenty of experience in almost all the mods you can find. We won't give any kind of advantages to anyone and everyone will be treated the same, we compromise to help everyone with their doubts and questions regarding the mods or the server itself, but we aren't teachers, that means that we won't teach how to play or how to build, feel free to consult the guides in our forum, there's plenty of help there :)

Items / Mods removed and why:
  • Xeno's Reliquary : We think it's kinda useless in a tecnological world, it's a good mod tho, but we though it dosn't fit in our server.
  • Power Converters: We never liked the ratios and the idea by itself of going to bc to ic2 energy, since we have Gregtech it isn't fair.
  • Gravity Gun: For grieffing issues we've removed the gravity gun, we still have the portal one.
  • EE3 : We never liked the EE2 and since the EE3 isn't quite finished it yet we though it would be better to not use it for now.
  • Since we need help maintaining the server the following items are just for vips: Quarry, Mining Turtle, Personal Anchor, Mining Laser, etc ( for a full list check our forums )
That said, all thoose items / mods can be unbanned or added again, we are open to suggestions on our forum :p
For a full list of our rules follow the next url:
Server info:
Our server has 4GB of Ram and it's hosted in the UK, we're 24/7 and 99% time online.

That's awesome, how do I enter?
Easy, just make an apply on our website ( http://www.nano-craft.net/index.php?board=1.0 ) or in this same post following the next template:

IGN Name:
Previous bans if any:
Experience with FTB:
Any screenshot or video of your creations ( if any ):