myTown Help Request!


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Jul 29, 2019
Not sure if this would be the proper place to post this but if it isn't could a Mod/Admin please move this?

Anyways on to the meat of the subject!


The modder has gone back to school and thus the posts from the Admin of the server I play on, and myself have gone to absent ears I guess and drowned out by many many others who are needing help with this mod.

I'm hoping that though it's not technically a FTB mod, that some people here could possibly help me and the Admin of our server out!


We have the mod installed properly as far as we can tell from the thread's instructions (, but only some commands seem to work.

The Mayor can /claim, but the Assistant (myself) cannot claim but I can assignplots. I can also not /t friend add anyone, yet the Mayor can :/

It seems that the permissions for the Assistant isn't set up properly and some for normal players aren't set up either.

Any help with our issue would be fantastic as the server is slowly getting more people and getting myTown and it's mess fixed and going would be optimal to having everyone's stuff secure and safe yet allowing people to allow their friends and whatnot in when they want.