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My quarry is OP, where do I shove all my stone?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Nerudian, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Nerudian

    Nerudian New Member

    So, a friend of mine and I have been playing LAN and made a huge ass automated buildcraft quarry, like two chunks by three, in order to produce large amounts of resources without us having to mine them.

    The only drawback... is all the cobblestone. we have barrels upon barrels filled with that stuff. Is there any kind of productive cobblestone sink aside from transmutating it all?
  2. WatcherInTheShadows

    WatcherInTheShadows New Member

    Void pipe?
    Or you could autocraft furnaces.
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  3. MrZwij

    MrZwij New Member

    There's too much of it to ever be used. I'd suggest collecting the amount you want and filtering the rest into a void pipe.
  4. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    void pipe it if you ever need cobble in the future the igneous extruder can make it for free anyway
  5. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    if you're using BC pipes to sort things: Void pipe
    if you're using RP2(the superior way): a filter aimed at a lavapool
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  6. Fyugre

    Fyugre New Member

    I turn all of my extra cobble/dirt into scrap then make scrapboxes for future use.
  7. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    If you don't want to "abuse" cobblegens, then you can always feed your excess cobble into IC2 recyclers for scrap, and either use that to help make UU matter, or turn into scrapboxes for the scrapbox lottery.
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  8. Katrinya

    Katrinya New Member

    Definitely scrap is the way to go, if you don't want to simply get rid of your excess cobble. You'll probably need at least 3 recyclers with 2 overclockers per machine in order to keep up with a quarry operating at full speed, assuming you're processing output with Redpower... 50 MJ/tick is as much power as a quarry will accept, right?

    A related question: My current setup has a quarry fed by a redstone energy cube at 50 MJ/tick, with the output routed through an ender chest and RP2 sorting machine. 3 recyclers with 2 overclockers each can keep up with the sorter, sorting as fast as it can. However, with that much power, the sorting machine actually can't keep up with the quarry, so having some kind of mechanism to check for overflow is essential.

    Has anyone come up with a faster way of getting quarry output sorted, once a quarry outpaces an RP2 sorter? AE is obviously an option, but the power requirements for replacing my entire RP2 sorting system would be prohibitive. Logistics pipes might also work, but I think even they might clog up and "drip" cobble at the rate my quarry is going.
  9. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    More RP2 sorters? I have 6 attached to my Ender Chest. The down side is you can't have an "Other" colour, so a few items end up sitting in the chest unsorted, particularly those little crystal things. I'm working on solving that with a Sortron.
  10. MrZwij

    MrZwij New Member

    A diamond pipe can handle the bulk stuff - dirt, cobble and gravel - as fast as you can feed it. Then you just have to deal with the rest. I used ender chest > filter > 6 sorting machines (side-by-side), each responsible for 40 item types, feeding into routers and barrels. A couple diamond chests at the end handled overflow. Of course this system was designed to handle everything - it wouldn't have to be anywhere near that intricate for just a quarry. But it handled two simultaneous max-speed quarries easily enough.
  11. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    How did you drive the Filter? A Timer? What speed setting? It seems to me that a fast setting will handle lots of different item types coming in, whereas a slower speed will reduce the number of entities by increasing stack size.
  12. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    The easiest things to use cobblestone for are sand, gravel, smooth stone, smooth stone bricks, cracked smooth stone bricks, and scrap. I'd suggest you get at least a few normal barrels (or one extradimensional barrel) of sand, gravel, and smooth stone before you start turning it into scrap.

    Scrap, of course, can then be used to make scrapboxes for a wonderful Craftsmas, and both can be used in a matter fabricator for UU matter.

    Filters don't need a redstone signal to work for this.
    I was using four filters on a single ender chest by the time I switched from RP2 to logistics pipes. That was able to keep pace with a 50MJ/t quarry easily. From there, I used tubes with filters that branched off to sort out the cobble/dirt/sand/gravel/etc (99% of the junk), and then into a BC pipe system for usage with diamond pipes.

    Filters do not need power to filter. They work like one input/one output diamond pipes normally, being able to allow a path for certain things. A example is as follows:
    You have a long RP2 tube line running from a filter which is timed (so it will suck out stacks) and sucking from an ender chest into your RP2 tube line.
    In the tube line, you have a few filters branching off left, right, up, and down leading into barrel arrays for specific things (I kept it to one type of item per filter, but it should be able to support up to nine types of items per filter). The filters need no activation signal as they're passively filtering.
  13. Grydian2

    Grydian2 New Member

    First you can use filters connected to the ender chest to pump items out into one sorter. Saves on resources. Second your best bet is to install logistic pipes and use those for sorting. Far better method imo.
  14. Lambert2191

    Lambert2191 New Member

    then put 6 filters on your enderchest and have your sorter inline
  15. MrZwij

    MrZwij New Member

    The filter was set to a 2-second cycle IIRC. That seemed to be about the sweet spot, but if you have a big enough buffer, you could probably slow that down. Offloading all the cobble, dirt and gravel before then is really key though - it would bog down for sure if it had to deal with all that. We voided it all and used endereye dust as an amplifier for the matterfab, but if you want to keep using scrap, I'd suggest a secondary system set up just to handle that.

    If you want I could probably some up with a screenshot or two.
  16. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    What do you mean, timed? I asked about driving a Filter with a Timer, and you said they don't need them. How do you time them?
  17. Guswut

    Guswut New Member

    Mm, I may have misunderstood your post. I thought your reply was aimed at an early reply. Yes, in regards to using a filter to pull things out of chests, they'll need redstone signal. Personally, I suggest using a ComputerCraft computer instead of a RP2 timer as it will allow you to have a much faster timer for cheaper.

    The speed of the timing should be the slowest you can make it without filling up the chest past the filter's point of saturation (when this happens, more filters will allow you to decrease the activation time further). A quarry at 10MJ/t was fine running off of one filter at 400ms, and four filters would handle a quarry running at 50MJ/t at 400ms.

    But I wouldn't suggest using diamond pipes for bulk items, as filters will work as passive diamond pipes without needing a RP2 -> BC switch that early in the game (you'll need a powerful engine to extract things from an inventory into the BC system then, as you're going to have loads of cobble/dirt/sand to deal with at that point).
  18. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    Another crazy idea for all that stone, use a builder and build a max size pyramid as a monument to your powers.
    Well, it's an option.... :D
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  19. AlanEsh

    AlanEsh New Member

    This seems like a joke, hard to tell on the interwebs ... makes me laugh though when I consider building a house entirely out of furnaces. No lack of places to smelt ores :D

    OP said he wanted a productive use for the cobble/junk... really there is no reason to find a productive use, just run your quarry again if you need some scrap fodder later (or as previously suggested, use an extruder for free cobble). I would void the junk blocks right out of the quarry, no extractor needed. I can get a Great Wall of China's worth of cobble in short order with a quarry when/if I ever need it.
  20. MrZwij

    MrZwij New Member

    If we're talking about needing scrap boxes, I guess I figure that's not early game. Neither are quarries, actually. But let's go with that anyway. If you attach the diamond pipe to the quarry, there's no need for an engine - the quarry will just push stuff into the pipe. Voiding stuff is easy then, but if you want to keep the bulk stuff you'd want either: a.) a second set of ender chests or item tesseracts or b.) on-site processing of your cobble into scrap. So yeah, that could get (a little) expensive or just irritatingly fiddly. IMO if you have a quarry, you never need to store loads (> 200 stacks or so) of cobble as it's just so ridiculously easy to get. Plonk down a 9x9 quarry and an energy cell, and in 15 minutes you'll have 50-60 stacks of it, which will take you hours to actually place.
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