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My managed farm does not plant/replant.

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by dannesilver, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. dannesilver

    dannesilver New Member


    I've made a Managed Farm, so i can grow crops (wheat).
    It placed out the dirt and water holes.
    But why is it not placing out the seeds?

    I have an Intricate Circuit Board with bronze electron tubes.
    It has power, water & fertilizer

    If i plant the seeds manualy, it harvests the wheat when it's done.
    But it does not replant.
  2. JoeDolca

    JoeDolca New Member

    Look around in the interface for a manual modifier, maybe it's a setting issue.
  3. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    This might not be what you want to hear... but if I might ask, why didn't you just make a Manual farm? Its perfectly capable of farming wheat and most other crops without you needing to supply dirt.

    As for your particular problem.. I'm afraid I don't know why it would not be replanting.
  4. dannesilver

    dannesilver New Member

    Well it's no big deal. I can try with a manual circuit instead.
    Because i need an electronic circuit if i want to farm anything else than trees?
  5. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    Yes, you would need to create a new intricate circuit to change it to a manual farm. And yes, you would need to have a circuit in there to have anything but an apple orchard. If all you want to farm is wheat, then I highly recommend the manual farm. Also works great for potatoes, carrots, and sugar cane.
  6. dannesilver

    dannesilver New Member

    I swapped out the managed citcuitboard to a manual one. is that the way to do it?
    Or do i have to start from scratch? with the farm?
    I just replanted everything manualy.
    if i bonemeal the crops now. it should harvest and replant?

    Edit: it harvests, but it's not replanting.

    Edit2: What do you mean with manual farm? Multiblock with manual circuitboard or a completly different farm?
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
  7. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    No you won't have to start from scratch, replacing the circuit board should be enough. Once you till the ground and plant the crops, make sure there are some water sources available otherwise it will dry out. If you bonemeal the crops, it should harvest and replant, as long as you are meeting all the needs of the farm (water,fertilizer,power).
  8. dannesilver

    dannesilver New Member

    Ok. Well i have all of those in place. And it still does not replant. I don't know what i'm doing wrong.
    My tree farms works as intended.
    Maybe i have to go with another mod for my wheat farm then.

    I'll try to make the farm from scratch first, to see if it works.
  9. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    Hrm.. that is pretty strange. Could you possibly post some screens of the farm, outside and inside. Other mods definitely have options for automated farming. MFR is downright silly easy compared to Multifarms.
  10. dannesilver

    dannesilver New Member

    javaw 2014-01-23 16-26-33-89.jpg javaw 2014-01-23 16-29-24-67.jpg javaw 2014-01-23 16-31-07-77.jpg

    i've made it from scratch now. it does not replant. it harvests fine.
    The crops on the picture i've planted manualy.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2014
  11. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    That is odd. As far as I can tell you have it setup right. It doesn't look to be giving you any error messages. Sorry, but I'm stumped, this could be a bug but I'm not sure.
  12. dannesilver

    dannesilver New Member

    Hum maybe. I'll go with MFR instead.
  13. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    Use the fertilized dirt from Random Things for about 3x the output :D . And better luck with it.
  14. Omicron

    Omicron New Member

    I also can't find the error in your setup. It looks pretty much like the ones I had when I last used a multifarm to grow wheat (in 1.6.2).

    Forestry has not received much development attention in a long time - mostly because SirSengir is fed up with the attitude of the community (he went and started making a standalone game of his own instead). Maybe something Forge changed recently or the presence of another mod screws something up. Try unloading all mods except Forestry and NEI, start a test world and see if you can create a working multifarm there.

    Forestry will probably pass on to a maintainer once 1.7 Forge comes out of beta (or 1.8, in case that hits before Forge finishes the 1.7 update, in which case Forge will probably leave 1.7 as a beta and go straight for 1.8 as well). Until then, I doubt we'll see another update. As it stands, we have MysteriousAges to thank for the last couple of 1.6.4 bugfixes, so he's at least a candidate for maintainer.
  15. kittle

    kittle New Member

    the only thing i can see that looks odd is your farm block isnt square (3x3 4x4 5x5). however, since it IS harvesting... its working.
    Try making the central farm block square. no idea if this will fix it.. but its something to try.

    One thing I did have to do with wheat farms, is to place a water 'moat' around the outside of the farm. Otherwise it would sit and suck massive amounts of water.
  16. Dark0_0firE

    Dark0_0firE New Member

    The central farmblock does not have to be square. If the size were invalid, he would not be able to open up the interface. And he should have plenty of water with the setup he has.
  17. SawBlade

    SawBlade New Member

    Leaning towards mod conflict after going through the thread and looking at the pics.
  18. MigukNamja

    MigukNamja New Member

    Whoa - when did this happen ?

    I have a *huge* amount of respect for SirSengir. Forestry was a ground-breaking mod that has paved the set (set the ton) for so many mods afterwards. I hope I am with many others who believe Forestry is one of the best mods out there and one I enjoy spending lots and and lots of time in, the bees and trees especially.

    EDIT : Read SirSengir's Twitter and found the IC2 Forum thread. Wow. There's a reason why I like to hang out here and only go over to IC2 to read stuff. Glad I remembered to put on my flame suit before heading over there.

    I agree. Sounds like the "planting" logic has some item ID or fluid mismatch. I don't believe harvesting requires water, fertilizer, and seeds, but planting does. The farm may not recognize your water, fertilizer, and seeds as such due to some conflict with IDs or the fluid registry.

    Are you using a recent FTB 1.6.4 pack or otherwise using the FTB 1.6.4 configs ?
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2014
  19. mrbaggins

    mrbaggins New Member

    Just double checking, is there stone bricks (or similar) under the farmed dirt blocks?
  20. KhrFreak

    KhrFreak New Member

    I'm pretty sure it's already been passed on to CJ and Myst last i heard


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