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Multi-farm question

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Scryptt, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. Scryptt

    Scryptt New Member

    I'be been messing around with the new forestry farms, and so far I like them. I just made my first manual one and am having some trouble with getting it to work. I've got melons, cactus, and reed planted but they never get harvested, and I can't find much info out there. So was hoping that somebody could clue me in on what i'm missing or doing wrong.
  2. Abdiel

    Abdiel Well-Known Member

    It's hard to tell what you're missing when you don't mention anything about what you've done. A screenshot would help too while you're at it.
  3. tehBlobLord

    tehBlobLord Well-Known Member

    From what little I know, you have to manually collect the manual ones (hence the name)
  4. xCanadianPandax

    xCanadianPandax Active Member

    Check out this and this. Hope it helps.
  5. zilvarwolf

    zilvarwolf Well-Known Member

    Has anyone else experienced a problem where they are unable to insert electron tubes into a circuit board larger than the basic one? Every time I tried, the tube would just vanish.

    I probably wasted 50 of various ingots trying different combinations with different boards.
  6. MilConDoin

    MilConDoin The Bee-Whisperer

    First add the tubes, then the board. This should help.
    You could also update Forestry. The bug was fixed in one of the newer version.
  7. zilvarwolf

    zilvarwolf Well-Known Member

    awesome, thanks
  8. Setari

    Setari Active Member

    But to see the board's input slots, you have to put the board into the tool (forgot what it's called) first?

    Also I have a manual farm and all I read on the forestry wiki was that you just place dirt manually and plant your saplings manually. That's it.
  9. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos Well-Known Member

    Not quite.

    There are multiple functions, covering almost everything the old farms could do, plus some more.

    The way it works is with circuit boards, each tube give different "farm", and there is manual and automated sorts.

    "Orchard" is for a manual one where you plant your trees, and it will only harvest the fruits, over and over again.

    There is also the old tree farm that place the special dirt, plant sapplings, and cut the grown trees.

    You also have to tell it where it can do its stuff, by placing the bricks to form a plane.

    My post is confusing, so I recommend you watch the mod spotlight that Direwolf20 made for it, it explains rather well all that new stuff.
  10. Spikednate12

    Spikednate12 Active Member

    If you put the tubes in a soldering iron, the use the arrows to scroll from the electrical engine to the farms you can see what each tube will do, then add tubes of choice, input board of choice, boom, you have your desired board

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