Mods Updated to 1.6.X, The Beginnings of a Spreadsheet


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I am starting a spreadsheet as I search for mods that are updated. The base reason for this is that I want to play with Thaumcraft 4, but I don't want to leave my other mods behind :p

The spreadsheet is here and is currently editable by anyone. At the time of posting this, there is no organization, and very little done. I'm just going through this list and using google.

This spreadsheet is primarily for my own reference, so I will probably only look for things I'm personally interested in playing with. However, I'm opening the spreadsheet for everyone, because I noticed there isn't really an "Is it updated yet?" thread anywhere, that I could find. So have at it. If you find a mod I haven't added yet, and want to check, please feel free to update the sheet. Also feel free to make it more organized. Right now, my organization method is "As I think of it." That does have SOME sense of organization, in that I'll have things that are related to each other in some way near each other (like IC2 and Advanced Machines, or BuildCraft and TE).

Anyway, have at it.