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Casual Server ModRealms - InfinityRealms | Premium Modded Network | Public | IP: infinity.modrealms.net [1.3.4]

Discussion in 'Infinity' started by Rob_____, Feb 8, 2015.

  1. Rob_____

    Rob_____ Active Member

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Last edited: Feb 9, 2015
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  2. LivingAngryCheese

    LivingAngryCheese Over-Achiever

    Wait a second... your here rob? I played on your Yogrealms server for a long time, and your server forums were my first forums. Hi anyway, my in-game name is supercooldude8 just in case you remember me, which I doubt.
  3. Rob_____

    Rob_____ Active Member

    I sure do remember you! YogRealms is still around.

    This is the first FTB server our network is doing though
  4. LivingAngryCheese

    LivingAngryCheese Over-Achiever

    Wait... you do? Cool. I've been hanging around here since I sort of left Yogrealms, but I go back to it now and then. I find it hard to believe that you actually remember me but OK. I'll call over some of the people I know here, see if they're interested, if they are we could probably make a small community of people.


    You guys interested? Do you even still play mc? I know that we are making a pack tord (I'll be looking for updates later today because I'm pretty sure I'll have time) but we're surely going to have some time actually playing mc, so are you interested?
  5. ljfa

    ljfa Too Much Free Time FTB Mod Dev

    I totally didn't get alerted there.
    I do play occasionally. Maybe I can stop by every now and then, but not too often.
  6. LivingAngryCheese

    LivingAngryCheese Over-Achiever

  7. playerismc

    playerismc Popular Member

    I'm interested. Also if I have the time, I play a lot of minecraft. Soo maybe I visit the server today.
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  8. xTordX

    xTordX Forum Addict

    I see ljfa didn't want to say but we're playing together a lot lately. (And we're using UntilTheEnd, cheese :))
    I'll give it a try but my laptop is crap.
  9. Kyle2015

    Kyle2015 New Member

    Updated to 1.0.1
  10. xTordX

    xTordX Forum Addict

    Is BoP enabled on the server?
  11. Rob_____

    Rob_____ Active Member

  12. xTordX

    xTordX Forum Addict

  13. Rob_____

    Rob_____ Active Member

    Is that bad?
  14. xTordX

    xTordX Forum Addict

    What about a server designed for weak systems? My pack fits there perfectly.
  15. LivingAngryCheese

    LivingAngryCheese Over-Achiever

    He doesn't have a very good computer.
  16. Rob_____

    Rob_____ Active Member

    Post Updated with @Kyle2015 's graphics.

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  17. finndaloo

    finndaloo New Member

    It looks great
  18. xTordX

    xTordX Forum Addict

    Awesome graphics
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  19. Rob_____

    Rob_____ Active Member

    Great, glad you like them :)
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  20. pc_assassin

    pc_assassin Fading into memory Retired Staff

    I might have to check this out until I can get my internet fixed. I joined a phoenix server but its hosted in France and I get really bad internet lag. Doesn't help that a have a .5 mbps download a 7 mbps upload and 47 ping. I don't get it though everyone in my house gets 10 - 15 download 7 ish upload and 30 ping

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