Mod Update: OpenComputers


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Jul 29, 2019

I'll write a full changelog for the release proper, for now here's a quick roundup of what changed an what I'd appreciate help testing with.

  • Added: Tier 2 Microcontroller.
  • Added: Drones!
  • Added: Leash Upgrade.
  • Changed: A lot of internal robot-related logic to allow reusing it for drones.
Drones? Drones!
Drones are to robots as microcontrollers are to computers. They're more limited but cheaper, and have different strengths. In their case in particular: they are actual entities, so they have other options for interacting with the world. For now this is only used for one upgrade: the leash upgrade, which allows drones to leash animals and pull them around the world.
Drones can not activate, break or place blocks, nor use items or tools. They're sort of glorified carrier pigeons.

To get started, I posted a short video demonstration some basics on Youtube.
The wiki is also sort of up-to-date again.

So the above are pretty much also what I'd appreciate some help testing with: robots (in particular inventory and tank interaction), microcontrollers (in particular the T2 one) and drones (everything about them). Please report any problems you run into on Github, thanks a lot!

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