Mod Update: Lycanite's Mobs updated to


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Jul 29, 2019
Lycanite's Mobs updated to

IMPORTANT: Configs older than will be reset to default, be sure to backup or manually increase your config's version in lycanitesmobs-version.cfg, be sure to read the update notes if doing this.

Improvement: Added a dedicated SKY custom spawn type. Many mobs that randomly spawn and can fly such as Roc, Raiko, Remobra, Manticore, Spriggans, etc should now use this instead of the vanilla MONSTER spawn type, this will allow them to spawn randomly in the air with 48 blocks above or below players this will also mean that areas really high in the sky should be populated with mobs.
Improvement: Jengu no longer sound like toilets! They have a completely new set of sounds!
Improvement: The advanced buff foods can now be found as random chest loot in dungeons, etc.
Improvement: Added random loot to Village Blacksmith Chests.

Major Bug Fix: Finally fixed a crash caused by disabling mobs! Mobs can now be completely disabled where they will be immediately remove if present in the world, their spawn eggs will remain but if a disabled mob is spawned using an egg, it will be instantly removed. Mobs who are only disabled from naturally spawning or spawning from events or with a spawn weight of 0 should no longer spawn but can still be summoned as minions or spawned using eggs or spawned via other mods. This should hopefully fix a lot of crashes that people have been having.

Bug Fix: Finally fixed the custom webs, both Frostwebs and Quickwebs can now be easily broken with or without any tool.
Bug Fix: Grue will now teleport onto the player instead of behind if behind the player is a solid block, this will hopefully stop them from teleporting into walls and suffocating!
Bug Fix: Custom sky-based spawn types such as STORM, LUNAR or Mob Events should now correctly spawn mobs in the air rather than on the ground or at a weird low Y limit.

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