Mod Suggestions for 1.6

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Jul 29, 2019
Dimensional doors.
version 1.4.1
A very good early game exploration mod which will make it easier to loot stuff when you start up. What's more is that it can enable really cool base designs with the pocket dimensions. A final plus is the fact that this is the only minecraft mod which is actually properly scary. If your in a dungeon with monoliths then their chiming sound really wants to make you leg it out of there.

version 0.14.0
A nicely thought out early-middle game magic mod which could go very well with thaumcraft and ars magica 2.

If these two mods were in the Dw20 pack, then it would be my ultimate pack.
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Jan 15, 2013
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Mod: Steve's Favtory Manager
Version: Alpha 63
Flowchart-based automation. Moving items around between inventories. Checking inventory levels. Setting and checking redstone signal levels. Auto-crafting. Accessing items on the ground as though they were in an inventory. Reading and accessing the player's inventory (with security settings so no-one can just nick your stuff when you walk by, you grant the system access to your inventory).


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod Name: WorldStateCheckpoints
Link to Mod: [link]
Version: 1.6.4 Release #04
Reason(s): I've been seeing people posting more topics lately with their world corrupting, which isn't really a big surprise as it can happen more often when playing minecraft with mods.
WorldStateCheckpoints gives you the option to automatically create backups of your world at a certain interval, or a manual backup function.
but this mod does more... it also allows you to go back to a certain backup while you're still ingame. so you don't need to close minecraft first before you can revert to an older backup.
but you can also still do this manually, so if you're not able to load up a world anymore, you can still go to your saves folder and use an older backup.
to prevent your save from getting too big with all those backups, you can also tell this mod how many backups it should keep. so if you were to say the mod to keep 10 backups, it'll keep the 10 most recent backups, and automatically deletes the older backups.


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod Name : More Pistons
Link to Mod:
Version : 1.4.1
Reason(s): It's always been a pain in the @$$ for me trying to create two block wide doors with just the standard length pistons. You always have to activate them then pull them in, then spread them apart with and the redstoning with this just gets so small (yes I am in fact complaining about small) and complicated. With this you can create up to a quadruple length piston and give yourself more room to work with. And not to mention, quadruple sticky piston! It just sounds awesome!


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Jul 29, 2019
I know this isn't the place for discussion, but I'd like to throw my opinion out about a few mods that other people have previously suggested.

Soul Shards: While nice, the newer version has a lot more limitations from the previous versions, not the OP kind, but make it less controllable and interesting. The creature spawning feature is already covered by MFR and there are some alternative mods that could offer more and interesting features along with this if needed.

More Pistons: I'm a big fan of this mod, however don't feel it has a place in most FTB packs, purely for the fact that the 3 tiers of drawbridges in Tinkers' Mechworks cover most of these pistons' features already. Adding it in a pack where Mechworks is already featured would just be starting to bloat the pack unnecessarily in my opinion.

Steve's Factory Managers: While I've not really used this to its full potential yet, I like it. It gives a lot of options for automating and doing a lot of things, is made by a familiar mod author, fits in well with several other mods in the packs, and I feel would be widely used.


Mod Name: Dimensional Doors
Link to Mod:
Version: 1.4.1
Reason(s): This mod is feature-complete and offers a lot to the average FTBer. Firstly there's the exploration aspect, trying not to get lost as you delve deeper into worlds, avoiding monoliths, and picking up some cool loot along the way, the option to create your own dungeons also would be great for FTB and open up a lot of new possibilities to make these tougher and more rewarding the deeper you go. Secondly, the doors themselves offer an alternative place to live with a void world, getting rid of most of the tick lag most people have when having a thousand and one machines in the overworld along with mobs spawning outside and everything else going on, could make for a good server hub or similar things without the need to delve deep into Mystcraft first.

Mod Names: Redstone in Motion / Truss
Link to Mods: /
Version: / 32
Reason(s): RedPower frames, what more can I say? While Calclavia's MFFS does a great job of offering similar features, it's still limited, requires a lot of power, isn't included in some packs, and offers a bunch of features that most people never end up using (although I do appreciate that a lot of people do make use of it's main features). Both of these mods offer great alternatives and a lot of possibilities that MFFS alone can't do, frame quarries (I assume that's what Direwolf's doing with MFFS in his next SSP episode), moving bases, tearing apart landscape, etc. and a lot of compatibility with other mods so you can keep your system set up without it breaking.

Mod Name: Mekanism
Link to Mod:
Version: 6.0.2
Reason(s): This offers a lot of technology and features that are already covered by other mods, but in a different way than most FTBers are used to. While it's moved away from being a solely UE mod, it still retains it's prettiness and features that made it what it is; jetpacks, robots, 5x ore processing (okay, may be a bit OP compared to other FTB mods but it can always be tweaked with configs), zombies and skeletons having more armour so it takes a little more to kill them with all of your super duper powerful modded tools and isn't too difficult early-game, more power generation, and a lot of integration with existing mods in packs.


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod Name : Tubes!
Link to Mod:
Version : 1.1.3 (MC 1.6.4)
Reason(s): THE RP2 transportation way. Cool rendering.

Basically this mod is the way to make so many cool things. You can still make most of your fav contraptions from redpower and not rely on energy based systems (like AE or logi pipes). Full integration with forge multipart, and it just looks cool as hell.
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Jul 29, 2019
Mod Name: Glenn's Gases (&Gases Framework)
Link to Mod: (MC Forums) (modpage)
Version: (available for MC1.6.2, MC1.6.4 and MC1.7.2)
Reason(s): Adds gas pockets to the worldgen and makes mining slightly more dangerous. Gases are nice and mods like GasCraft only add artificially created but not naturally occurring gas.
Also has some gases like steam (created when water and lava meet) that can hurt quite a lot. Personally I just find it adding some fair challenge and interesting gas mechanics, that are otherwise completely lacking from MC.


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Jul 29, 2019
Mod Name : Antique atlas
Link to Mod:
Version : 3.0.10 (MC 1.6.4)
Reason(s): Just look at it. It should be default with mc download. Usable in game map with waypoint system.

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