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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by portablejim, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. portablejim

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    Planter Helper

    Planter Helper is a rather simple mod that helps to plant crops. It comes with tools to plant crops in different sized areas and the ability to craft farmland.


    More info is over at the Planter Helper Wiki

    Please submit crash reports, problems, etc to the Planter Helper Tickets page.
    Download Links:
    Main download: Curseforge
    Alternate download: Dropbox
    (Fresh releases are (usually) available first via dropbox, but please use the Curseforge link)

    Source code is available on github

    Other links:
    Minecraft Forum Post
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  2. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

  3. portablejim

    portablejim Well-Known Member Mod Developer

    Whoops! Fixed.

    Also, yes I did. I actually made version 0.1 for him (if you watched his latest streams he actually was using it, back when it didn't have any textures and was only 1 item).
  4. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Will it support mod plants? This is a great utility idea, especially the top-tier planter. I'd like to use it for easy replanting of my Magical Crops fields.
  5. portablejim

    portablejim Well-Known Member Mod Developer

  6. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Basic planter seems to be causing a client crash if the item to it's right is not plantable. Otherwise seems to be working great with Magic Crops. Nicer than Seed Packets because it only uses as many seeds as there is space for. The Advanced Planter allows for one-click replanting of standard fields, while the Vein Planter can one-click replant an Ars Magica 2 gold inlay sigil field. The inventories on the higher tier planters work with Inventory Tweaks, and unlike other mods that do a 'search for connecting block and perform function on all connecting blocks of same type' kind of thing, I haven't experience lag using the Vein Planter.

    Great utility mod for any others out there that like farming with a "manual+" feel. Thank you for this. Tossed a ticket up with the crashing on the basic planter.
  7. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    checked the wiki and it looks pretty cool. have you considered adding some sort of "charge" to the items... similar to the old EE2 tools, with the lowest charge having an area of 3x3, the next charge 5x5, the next one after that 7x7, then 9x9 and for the vein planter with max range... this way you can control the area you wish to plant on without using too much seeds...

    I also noticed that with a mod like Natura, where you use a seedbag to plant a 3x3 area, if there's some places within that 3x3 where the seedbag can't plant, you lose those seeds. does the same thing happen with your mod or does it prevent you from losing your seeds...

    also, another suggestion, how about a hotkey you can use to cycle through your internal inventory to the next seed? the inventory would automatically sort all the seeds, and for example by pressing "n" it'll go towards the next seed to plant. the current seed selected would show up in a little icon in the planter tool...

    and another idea, how about some sort of bonemealing tool? it could have an internal inventory for bonemeal-like items, and it could have an area of effect aswell when using it on plants. you could make it so using that item actually is a bit more efficient then doing it manually, saving some bonemeal once in a while...
  8. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Planting a 3x3 or 9x9 with these tools does not cost seeds for unplantable blocks.
  9. portablejim

    portablejim Well-Known Member Mod Developer


    I don't think that would fit in. The EE2 tools were only really one tier of tool (unless you combine different tools together). ... Maybe a toggle on the Advanced Planter to reduce the size to a 5x5.

    Or you could just put the seeds in you want to plant. With Inventory tweaks you can move all seeds of one type.

    If I was to touch efficiency I would actually make it less efficient than doing it by hand.
  10. HeffronCM

    HeffronCM Active Member

    Awesome, thanks! Using it in my personal set of mods on my private server, loving the convenience.

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