Mod Dev Title Request


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Jul 29, 2019
If you are a mod dev post here with a link to your mod so I can more easily stick a Mod Dev banner on you.

Requirements for tag:
  • Public release mod older than 60 days
  • Proof it belongs to you or you are part of the team developing it

DO NOT post for other people. Only post for yourself.

Format for request:
Link to mod:
Link to validation:

You need to validate that this account is actually you. You can do this by a post on your MCF page indicating your FTB forum account, a tweet at me @NotCaptainnana. Or anything else that validates your identity
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Jul 29, 2019
Quick question, since I now develop Flaxbeard's Steam Power, and since it's in FTB Unstable, would I get an FTB Mod Dev tag? I know it's not made by Eya or you (Jaded), so I dunno. Not really important but whatever.