Mobs not spawning (despawning?) despite chunk loader [FTB Monster 1.6.4]

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Beeminer, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Beeminer

    Beeminer New Member

    Hi, as the says I'm having trouble with mob spawning or rather mob grinders.

    I'm running FTB Monster (v 1.1.1) on a small dedicated server. What I'm trying to do is spawn mobs and then grind them into mob essence with MFR Grinder, the trouble is that I can not get them to spawn when I'm away from my base or when I'm not online, I am 99 % certain that I have done this before.

    I've tried the MFR autospawner, which simply drains all mob essence it has access to without spawning any mobs, I've tried Extra utilities cursed earth which simply doesn't yield any result if we are away from the base/offline. I've tried different chunk loaders (chickenchunks, world anchor) as well as different mobs in the autospawner and I've tried it in a different dimension (Twilight Forest). I've yet to try it in a Mystcraft world as I''ve not gotten the pages I need yet and I don't want to cheat them in (although I will tomorrow if nothing else works).

    Could there be a config setting that prevents this? Is my memory off and this isn't possible? Am I doing something wrong?

    All suggestions are welcome.
  2. Feniks

    Feniks New Member

    could you be accidently on peaceful?
  3. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    The less obvious and more important question is what dimensions are you actually testing this on? Overworld? Forget it. Anyone can be on the Overworld at any time, and one can't stop that. Nether? Same deal. The End? Depends on if you found it first and warded the way in so only you and those you allow in can enter. Other Mods? Tough Sell, because unless it's Mystcraft, it's all but impossible to keep people out.

    That said, you don't NEED any pages for MystCraft to write an age, since one can make random ages. ...One can still do that, right?

    I mean, those are pretty much your main source of new pages...
  4. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    From the minecraft wiki:
    Afaik it should work as long as there's no player in the same dimension.
  5. Feniks

    Feniks New Member

    you can create age with no pages it will be very random but it will work.
  6. Beeminer

    Beeminer New Member

    I finally got it to work in a mystcraft world, at least the cursed earth, haven't tried MFR spawner yet.
    Exactly, thats why I was wondering why it didn't, anyway as I said it's solved, thank you to everyone that offered their help. :)

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