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Open Server ML_Minecraft | 1.7.10 | No Whitelist | 25 Slots | Biomes 'o' Plenty | Cauldron |

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Kyle Lee, Nov 11, 2014.

  1. Kyle Lee

    Kyle Lee New Member

    Brief Intro:
    ML_Minecraft is run for a Community Named Myrmidon Legion or ML for short. We are a family-friend server that nothing but good for the ML community and respect every player regardless of age, gender, or racism. We are using cauldron, thos who dont know who dont know what that is, it lets servers use plugins on a modded server that will only enhance the experience for the average day player. We also allow players to stream or record on our server.

    Minecraft: IP Port 25989
    TeamSpeak: IP Port 10297
    Or you can add myself on skype: how-are-you-doing1.

    No racism twords other players in chat
    Be respectful to anyone and everyone in the server
    No banned items
    No griefing
    No spamming, advertising, or harrassment

    VPS Specs:
    12 core
    12 gigs of allocated RAM
    Location Canada

    Bug Report:
    If you encounter a bug please do not abuse it and let one of the admins know of it. You can report the bugs strait to my email [email protected] or tell me through skype. if im not on be sure to tell someone on teamspeak.

    If you want to visit the Community's website heres the link http://myrmidon.org/home
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