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"minecraft servers might be down. check @ help.mojang.com"

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by TheNomeko, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. TheNomeko

    TheNomeko New Member

    Hello, I have a big problem, whenever I try to run the launcher it said "minecraft servers might be down. [email protected]."
    I try to delete the folder several times and reinstall the Feed The Beast but I still have this problem.
    I uninstalled and reinstall Java too, but I always have this error.

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

    PS; Sorry for my bad english, I'm french.
  2. SilvasRuin

    SilvasRuin New Member

    You are unable to reach the official Minecraft login servers. There is nothing the FTB team can do about that. It isn't a problem with the launcher. The only thing that you CAN do about the problem is to wait until the Mojang server guys fixes it.
  3. 1ManleyMiner

    1ManleyMiner New Member

    Your link opens up my email to send. Try this http://help.mojang.com/
  4. TheNomeko

    TheNomeko New Member

    Thanks for your answer, I'll try to send a email to mojang.
  5. TheNomeko

    TheNomeko New Member

    But on the original launcher, it works perfectly.
    It just doesn't work on the launcher FTB
  6. TheNomeko

    TheNomeko New Member

    Nobody can help me to settle this problem?
  7. abbywankenobi

    abbywankenobi New Member

    I am having the same issue! Have you found a solution yet? I've spent hours trying to figure this out!! >.<
  8. Bomb Bloke

    Bomb Bloke New Member

    To guess, assuming it works in vanilla, you've got some security software installed which includes a firewall and is preventing the launcher from accessing the internet. Some antivirus packages include firewall functionality.
  9. abbywankenobi

    abbywankenobi New Member

    Turned off my firewall, and I don't have an active anti virus pack running. I just do scans with malwarebytes.
  10. abbywankenobi

    abbywankenobi New Member

    I ended up doing a system restore because it seems that it had something to do with the computer. Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling your network driver could work, I just found it easier to do a system restore to an earlier date.
  11. unseennote

    unseennote New Member

    Have you tried running the launcher as an administrator? That fixed my problem.
  12. Dorque

    Dorque New Member

    It started doing this to me as well about half an hour ago; it's just a thing, it's not an isolated incident, I'm sure it'll be fixed soon enough.
  13. Netherus

    Netherus New Member

    Yeah happened to a friend of mine as well something with the legacy login server being slow/rebooted according to the minecraft server status page
    Just retry and if it keeps happening check http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/ for the status of mc itself

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  14. Poketube6681

    Poketube6681 New Member

    i'm having the same problem, but MC launches just fine! not FTB! it may be Norton (i'm uninstalling that crap in about a week) but if minecraft launches fine, then why not FTB? i don't get it.
  15. CyberFox

    CyberFox New Member

    I fixed the issue ! Go to C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\Local\ftblauncher and delete client token and login data ! After this, open your launcher and add you account ! This has fixed my issue.
  16. Hambeau

    Hambeau Over-Achiever

    *cough* *cough* Who opened the crypt? :D
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