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Minecraft keeps crashing.

Discussion in '[Archived] Tech Support' started by Rens, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Rens

    Rens New Member

    Hello everyone,

    I am having a problem with minecraft. It is a problem that occurs several times in a row.
    This is the error report I keep getting(sorry for the spam). Annyone knows the cause and the solution?
    Thanks in advance,

    I can't place the whole report because a limited characters.

    Minecraft has crashed!

    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Updating screen events

    A full error report has been saved to C:\Users\Rens\Downloads\Direwolf20\minecraft\crash-reports\crash-2013-02-01_18.18.05-client.txt - Please include a copy of that file (Not this screen!) if you report this crash to anyone; without it, they will not be able to help fix the crash :(

    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT a86dbf78 --------
    Full report at:
    Please show that file to Mojang, NOT just this screen!

    Generated 1-2-13 18:18

    -- Head --
    at ut.a(ItemMap.java:44)
    at wl.a(SourceFile:30)
    at wn.a(CraftingManager.java:293)
    at com.eloraam.redpower.base.ContainerAdvBench.a(ContainerAdvBench.java:234)
    at com.eloraam.redpower.base.InventorySubCraft.a(InventorySubCraft.java:46)
    at sr.c(Slot.java:103)
    at rq.a(SourceFile:151)
    at ayo.a(PlayerControllerMP.java:461)
    at avf.a(GuiContainer.java:620)
    at codechicken.nei.forge.DefaultSlotClickHandler.handleSlotClick(DefaultSlotClickHandler.java:17)
    at codechicken.nei.forge.GuiContainerManager.handleMouseClick(GuiContainerManager.java:587)
    at avf.a(GuiContainer.java:461)
    at com.eloraam.redpower.base.GuiAdvBench.a(GuiAdvBench.java:126)
    at aul.d(SourceFile:127)
    at avf.d(GuiContainer.java:722)
    at aul.m(SourceFile:111)

    -- Affected screen --
    Screen name: com.eloraam.redpower.base.GuiAdvBench

    -- Affected level --
    Level name: MpServer
    All players: 1 total; [ays['RensPiston'/560489, l='MpServer', x=182,27, y=13,62, z=-3,88]]
    Chunk stats: MultiplayerChunkCache: 441
    Level seed: 0
    Level generator: ID 00 - default, ver 1. Features enabled: false
    Level generator options:
    Level spawn location: World: (91,64,284), Chunk: (at 11,4,12 in 5,17; contains blocks 80,0,272 to 95,255,287), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to 511,255,511)
    Level time: 6458015 game time, 7023247 day time
    Level dimension: 0
    Level storage version: 0x00000 - Unknown?
    Level weather: Rain time: 0 (now: false), thunder time: 0 (now: false)
    Level game mode: Game mode: survival (ID 0). Hardcore: false. Cheats: false
    Forced entities: 47 total; [pd['Pig'/662436, l='MpServer', x=230,53, y=69,00, z=41,97], oz['Cow'/662435, l='MpServer', x=231,16, y=76,00, z=25,25], mg['Painting'/626413, l='MpServer', x=178,00, y=15,00, z=-17,06], mg['Painting'/626414, l='MpServer', x=187,94, y=15,00, z=-16,00], ow['Bat'/668098, l='MpServer', x=216,57, y=47,53, z=64,30], ays['RensPiston'/560489, l='MpServer', x=182,27, y=13,62, z=-3,88], mg['Painting'/662416, l='MpServer', x=178,00, y=15,00, z=-17,06], ow['Bat'/667560, l='MpServer', x=206,53, y=19,23, z=-45,25], ow['Bat'/668237, l='MpServer', x=103,52, y=21,93, z=-4,83], pd['Pig'/662408, l='MpServer', x=149,56, y=91,00, z=31,88], pe['Sheep'/662420, l='MpServer', x=197,47, y=64,00, z=14,38], pe['Sheep'/662421, l='MpServer', x=192,50, y=65,00, z=19,34], pd['Pig'/662422, l='MpServer', x=202,56, y=63,00, z=35,84], pd['Pig'/662423, l='MpServer', x=192,06, y=62,34, z=45,13], mg['Painting'/662416, l='MpServer', x=178,00, y=15,00, z=-17,06], mg['Painting'/662417, l='MpServer', x=187,94, y=15,00, z=-16,00], pe['Sheep'/662418, l='MpServer', x=187,34, y=70,00, z=18,50], ow['Bat'/668241, l='MpServer', x=149,01, y=46,86, z=-45,50], oz['Cow'/662428, l='MpServer', x=210,22, y=71,00, z=31,50], ays['RensPiston'/560489, l='MpServer', x=-27,70, y=59,62, z=327,70], ow['Bat'/668240, l='MpServer', x=134,56, y=52,10, z=-49,25], pd['Pig'/662429, l='MpServer', x=216,31, y=77,00, z=29,50], oz['Cow'/662430, l='MpServer', x=219,50, y=63,00, z=35,47], pd['Pig'/662431, l='MpServer', x=210,50, y=64,00, z=33,31], pd['Pig'/662425, l='MpServer', x=222,03, y=64,00, z=-16,84], pe['Sheep'/662426, l='MpServer', x=217,66, y=65,00, z=14,56], pd['Pig'/662427, l='MpServer', x=211,47, y=84,00, z=4,47], mg['Painting'/662417, l='MpServer', x=187,94, y=15,00, z=-16,00], ow['Bat'/662550, l='MpServer', x=175,48, y=12,58, z=-23,24], ow['Bat'/662549, l='MpServer', x=183,32, y=14,22, z=-13,43], ow['Bat'/665780, l='MpServer', x=212,44, y=20,61, z=-69,67], oz['Cow'/662394, l='MpServer', x=104,16, y=68,00, z=-23,56], oz['Cow'/662393, l='MpServer', x=104,19, y=68,00, z=-21,16], ow['Bat'/667615, l='MpServer', x=133,13, y=28,99, z=52,18], pe['Sheep'/662396, l='MpServer', x=110,78, y=82,00, z=47,81], pd['Pig'/662813, l='MpServer', x=241,13, y=68,00, z=22,44], pd['Pig'/662812, l='MpServer', x=246,16, y=66,00, z=16,03], pd['Pig'/662815, l='MpServer', x=250,09, y=70,00, z=46,78], oz['Cow'/662814, l='MpServer', x=247,25, y=64,00, z=46,50], pd['Pig'/662816, l='MpServer', x=253,31, y=80,00, z=34,44], ph['Squid'/667628, l='MpServer', x=194,59, y=57,84, z=50,28], ph['Squid'/667629, l='MpServer', x=195,16, y=60,38, z=52,69], ph['Squid'/667630, l='MpServer', x=190,84, y=60,34, z=50,81], ow['Bat'/666839, l='MpServer', x=182,16, y=39,63, z=-57,89], ow['Bat'/669029, l='MpServer', x=254,42, y=10,14, z=-70,76], pd['Pig'/662833, l='MpServer', x=261,47, y=64,00, z=6,94], ow['Bat'/662572, l='MpServer', x=108,44, y=44,10, z=28,25]]
    Retry entities: 0 total; []
    at ayp.a(WorldClient.java:439)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.b(Minecraft.java:2401)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:787)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  2. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    You've posted the wrong part of the log. :p

    Please post the part with the actual error.
  3. Rens

    Rens New Member

    Hi Velotican,

    Sorry :)

    I have placed the report in the 'upload file'.

    I hope someone can help me.


    Attached Files:

  4. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    My best guess:

    You have a Project Table with invalid items placed in it. They really don't handle blank items well. Open project tables until you crash so you know which one is the right one, then back up your world.

    Once you have a backup, try the following:

    Here's a reference for what we're actually doing.

    1) Type into the chat window this command: /gamerule doTileDrops false
    2) Break the Project Table, which will now drop absolutely nothing.
    3) type /gamerule doTileDrops true

    That should fix it. If it doesn't let us know. :)
  5. Rens

    Rens New Member

    How did you know that the game keeps crashing at the Project Table? When I would make a map at the Project Table. And I put paper around the compass. The game freezes, and crash.

    I am going to try it.
  6. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    The crash mentions "GuiAdvBench" as its cause and there's only one "advanced bench" I can think of in RedPower 2. ;)

    EDIT: Also if it's crashing when you try to make the recipe, you should also test that you can make the recipe in a regular crafting table. If you can't, the recipe itself is broken for some reason.
  7. Rens

    Rens New Member

    I can make the recipe in the regular crafting table. I have tried your tips:

    1) Type into the chat window this command: /gamerule doTileDrops false
    2) Break the Project Table, which will now drop absolutely nothing.
    3) type /gamerule doTileDrops true

    But it donĀ“t works.... I did build a new table after this steps but he keeps crashing.
  8. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    Looks like this is a bug with RedPower 2 that you can't fix then unfortunately. If you want to make that particular item you will have to use a regular crafting table for it. :)
  9. Rens

    Rens New Member

    Ok :)

    Do you think this bug should be fixed?

    Thanks for your help.

  10. Velotican

    Velotican Well-Known Member

    The author for RedPower tends to isolate herself from the community so there's a small chance this bug will never be caught. At any rate, it won't be fixed until she releases pre7 and that could be ages away yet. :)
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