Open Server Minecraft in Spaaaaace! [InfiTech2][24/7 dedicated host][PVE]

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Jul 29, 2019
Hey there!

This is a small, relaxed community server using the InfiTech2 FTB modpack, version 2.1.1. This pack includes a fun mix of mods, including GregTech (with all the extra challenge that entails), Galacticraft and Thaumcraft.

Hosted by HostHorde with 24/7 uptime. Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 3.9GHz processor, 6+GB RAM (adjusted higher based on server load). Hard difficulty.

Rules: mostly just common sense -
  • No griefing, stealing or unwanted player killing.
  • One quarry and chunkloader per player.
  • No apocalyptic thaumcraft infused fire.

Aside from items disabled by the modpack itself, I have disabled BC quarries - ender quarries are available for use instead.

Feel free to join in the fun - no application required, and no whitelist. The world was just created yesterday, so very little progress has been made so far.

Pack code: 17infitech

Server IP:
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