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Whitelist Server Mine/Monster v1.1.1/Whitelist[Dedicated] [24/7] [No Banned Items]

Discussion in 'Monster' started by wretchedwilly, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    Hello! I am the proud owner of a (decent) Server! Here are the server specs because I guess it is the law: Dual core AMD 4.0 GHz, 8 gbs ram. 3.0 mbps. I have it set for 20 slots currently, but I will start off small with 4 or 5. It is mostly intended for close friends of mine. However; a couple are already on their own server that I am not a fan of. So I am looking for just a couple of people who want to enjoy some monster with me and my close buddy. We do whatever we want, and I allow you to do the same. Nothing is banned. Nether is on, however PVP is turned off. My friend (rolk112) and I (jdogzzg5) are still a little green to FTB, so you'll have to excuse us. We are just out to experiment with everything that Monster has to offer. I have just a couple small guidelines for our server guests. I will give Whitelist to people who pass all guidelines, or atleast most. I am fair. =) Server ip:
    1. Please be 18, or at least have the maturity of an 18 year old.
    2. No griefing! Pretty much a (unspoken) general rule. I backup the server everyday, so If any griefing does happen, I can reload the last server day. I will then ban your ip address as well as take you off the Whitelist.
    3. Please be courteous of the supplies at base. Everything is fair game, but do not take everything of some item. Also do your part to help restock the supplies.
    4.Stay organized!!!! Everything is generally "pretty," please keep it that way.
    5. All supplies are community supplies. Neither rolk112 or I will take your supplies over our own, but If you have some that we don't, prepare to let us have some. We extend that curtsey to all of you as well. I am willing to share it if I have it.
    We are just here to have fun. That is the whole point to the server. My other friends server was all about doing things "the right way," which is why I'm not on that server. If you have a cool way of doing something, DO IT! you can suggest how to do things to others, and it will often be appreciated. Forcing your ideas on others is awful, and can lead to temporary ban, because if other server patrons want to do it that way for fun, THEN WE LET THEM HAVE THEIR FUN!
    A couple of ending notes:
    *Anything that can blow up (boilers for steam, nuclear reactors, etc....) please ask rolk112 or me.
    *Abuse of TnT is not tolerated.
    *Abuse to other players is not tolerated.
    *I cannot promise this server is awe inspiring. It is not intended to have gigantic home bases like servers with 150 people. Just quaint little houses so far... The seed it great, with some very good mining shafts etc...
    *I cannot think of anything else right now, but I will add on later.
    javaw 2014-07-21 15-02-43-72.jpg
    This is the main base. Awesome Redwood tree.
    javaw 2014-07-21 15-02-53-40.jpg
    Just a preview of the inside of the tree.
    javaw 2014-07-21 15-03-25-87.jpg
    Just another structure on the server.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2014
  2. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    Noticed there have been a couple pageviews, but no comments. Is there something in particular that turns people away?
  3. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    1. I am only 16 but i am very mature for my age
    2. I never grief and never will!
    3. I will gladly help out the new people with some nice starting items
    4. I cant stand griefed land so yes it will stay pretty:D
    5. I am cool with sharing im not cool with people depending on me for items so none of that and im good :D
    Ign. anthony098765
  4. Blobfish

    Blobfish New Member

    1. I am 17 but mature.
    2. I don't.
    3. I will help new people.
    4. I now how to build pretty bildings.
    5. I am cool with sharing.

    Bjarne Baks.
  5. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    Awesome! I will add both of you people today! I want to to change the spawn area so you guys do not spawn in the middle of nowhere or atleast I am on when yo guys are. I'll try to change the spawn area this morning before I go anywhere In case you get antsy and want to start doing something. I am usually on in the early afternoon/late mornings and then again at night. Pretty well the same for my friend. We live here in cali which is the pacific time zone. Just in case you live somewhere far away from me, you can get an idea of what time we are on. ( I also don't know how well servers work over the far of distances, but we can jump the hurdle if we get to it.)
  6. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    I was not able to change spawn, because I have to take off now for a couple hours. Here is the Coordinates to the gigantic treehouse: X:403, Z:185, Y:69. If memory server correct, start at spawn, take a right, and continue up the hill. Start going straight, and eventually you will see some of our structures. There are lots of birch trees, Oaks. When you get close to my place there will a lot of rubber wood as well as one of the structures you see on my server posting. The marble one. Just a little further and you cannot miss it! Look forward to playing with both of you.
  7. Blobfish

    Blobfish New Member

    my MC name is MCBkiller for the White-list
  8. anthony098765

    anthony098765 New Member

    I don't know if you didn't add me but it says i'm not whitelisted when i try to join the server.
  9. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    Sorry for that guys. =( Try it again now. I will be on in the afternoon my time. I hope you can get on, because I cannot check it for a couple hours. However you put your names on here is how it was put in the whitelist.[DOUBLEPOST=1406048242][/DOUBLEPOST]Send me a reply of your login status.
  10. Blobfish

    Blobfish New Member

    i kan't join because a required versions (DenEvents : 1.0)
  11. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    Weird. Make sure you are updated to the latest version of Monster
  12. jeremy58589721

    jeremy58589721 New Member

    1. check-a-roo I am well over the age of 18
    2. Absolutely agree with you here. One thing I dislike about most servers are all the griefing/ers
    3. I dont know what supplies you offer, but I rather start from scratch and work my way up. so no worries about me taking anything.
    4. I love being organized, back in vanilla I always made sure I had chest for every different Item (even if that meant only one slot of that chest was used)
    5. I'm willing to share some resources here or there. But Anything beyond resources I dont think i'd be ok with giving up (ie- machines, hard to come by/make items)

    but I look forward to joining in on the fun, I always enjoyed smaller communities over those large ones. ign- jeremy58589721
  13. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    Ok Jermey. I'll add you on.
  14. CorbinsProject

    CorbinsProject New Member

    IGN: gravitypain
    1. Turned 18 in January
    2. Hate them griefers
    3. I can take care of myself so no worries
    4. I'm kinda OCD so I will
    5. Sure I like helping but I ain't no charity! haha
  15. Zoney

    Zoney New Member

    Hey there, I've been looking for a server to join and was glad to see this one seems pretty chill, and new as well.
    My IGN is Zoney1
    I'm 22, and looking for some serious community-centered gameplay, which basically completely encompasses what you seem to have here. Obviously no griefing, definitely looking to help the server grow as a whole, rather than only look out for myself.
  16. wretchedwilly

    wretchedwilly New Member

    I'll add you both. =)
  17. airdude25

    airdude25 New Member

    IGN: airdude25
    1. 15 but very mature :D
    2. I have never greifed and can't stand people who do
    I have been looking for a good server and i would love to get on!
  18. Zoney

    Zoney New Member

    Thanks for the add! I tried to login but it said my client had some mods missing and gave me the versions. They are all older versions of mods that are in the pack (e.g. you have Opis 1.2 vs. the current version of 1.2.2)

    It appears you will need to update the server before I can join - I don't want to selectively download older versions of all of the mods in order to play.
  19. BobbyTrenchcoat

    BobbyTrenchcoat New Member

    IGN: Jazimonkey (Friend of Gravitypain)
    1.) I'm 18.
    2.) I've never been one for griefing.
    3.) I won't abuse the supplies.
    4.) I'm all about keeping things organized and good looking.
    5.) Doesn't seem like a problem to me! :^D

    Hopefully you can get back to me soon, I've just been craving some FTB. Have a good day!
  20. S.ebastian

    S.ebastian New Member


    My name is Sebastian (IGN Mantel_Man) I'm 38 years old and would like to join a server with a tight knit community that actively plays as a team.
    I'm fair, I contribute to the community and I don't like to play alone.
    I hope to find like minded people on this server to have fun with.

    I hope to meet you soon :)

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