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Whitelist Server MindShaft|DW20 1.0.11|Whitelist|with Traincraft, Galaticraft, Archemedes Ships, GregTech|MATURE ONLY

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by kulflame, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. kulflame

    kulflame New Member

    Server Name
    : MS1
    Love FTB?
    Hate packs because they don't have a certain mod you like?
    I asked my players what mods they would like to see on the server and guess what? I got them!
    I have added to the DW20 pack the following mods:

    • TrainCraft
    • GalactiCraft
    • GregTech
    • Iguana Tweaks
    • Jammy's Furniture Mod
    • Archimedes Ships
    • GraviSuite
    Fair warning This will require you to manually put these mods in your DW20 mod folder but I have made this easy with 1 zip file and very simple instructions with pictures (You will get info after you are accepted).

    What I am looking for

    Seasoned players that what a challenge to Minecraft. Someone that will devote time at least 3 days out of the week to playing (I need more core members).

    Playerbase so far

    At world start i had 14 players online.
    During weekday peak times we have around 5 people online.
    During weekends we have had up to 10 players online.

    World Age and Info

    The current, almost permanent world was started early January on hard mode and features bountiful villages and a very nice community of core players.
    I say "almost permanent" because I do not plan on resetting this world anywhere in the near future.

    MS1 will have a sister server called MS2 and will feature a hard mode that will provide no shortcuts, not even through dungeon loot, and will have very strict rules.
    Only players from MS1 will be allowed into this sister server.

    If you would like to join our server please either message me or comment to this post with the following:
    * Name:
    * IGN:
    * Age:
    * Your FTB or Tekkit experience:
    * How often are you planning on playing:
    * Your favorite mod/mods:
    * Remember, we are only accepting a few new members because of the strain all the new 1.6.4 mods put on server CPU. Tell me why I should pick you!

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  2. stex

    stex New Member

    Name: Evan

    IGN: evanshade

    Age: 25

    Experience: FTB greg tech all the way! Huge IC fan, Tekkit i played hexxit on it, thats about it. FTB ive played pretty much every mod pack to end game or close to it. However some mods like dart cart and ars magic i dont know a lot about.

    Play Time: At the start, every night. After a week or so every other day, 3 days at the most.

    Favorite mods: IC and MF reloaded by far. Also like project red. If power suits are in the game id use that to, but i hate the fact they are so op for so little effort.

    Why you should pick me: I have played on a few servers, I hosted the mindcrack pack a while ago, I put up a fully functioning mob area that traversed through a city with different difficulty settings, check points, and classes. I want to try to do this again. I do not know how to yet with the newer packs, but ill figure it out. Also I would like to start a series on the server, vanilla minecraft is getting a little stale for my channel. (really small only 5 subs atm)
  3. miguelseara1

    miguelseara1 New Member

    IGN: miguelseara1
    Age: 29

    why do you want to join the server?: I want to play FTB on a good server and this mod list seems to be good.
    What experience do you have playing with mods/FTB: a lot..ive been playng it for a long time now.
    approx how long will you play in a day or week: 2h a day

    :) We hope to see you soon :)
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  4. FuzzyWasHe

    FuzzyWasHe New Member

    I play here for several hours each day and I love it. This is the server for someone who wants to settle in and stay for a while. The mod list is supreme, building off an already great modpack (DW20) and adding some other greats like Galacticraft and Archimedes Ships.

    The people here are nice and mature, admin is friendly and caring, and server performance is usually solid.
  5. ZachTheCommie

    ZachTheCommie New Member

    Name: Zach
    IGN: ZachTheCommie
    Age: 20
    Your FTB or Tekkit experience: I've messed around with solo Tekkit years ago. Within the last year, I've played FTB solo and on a server.
    How often are you planning on playing: A few days of the week I'll be too busy to play at all, but the rest of the week, I'll probably be available all day for three or four days.
    Your favorite mod/mods: Gregtech on hard. And probably Redpower. I'm also looking forward to playing FTB with Galacticraft.
    Reason to add me: I like a challenge, I'm relatively experienced, I'm not a dick, and I'm not 12.

    I really like the sound of this custom modpack, but one question: is this map geared more towards non-griefing and non-stealing, or anarchy?
  6. Banananaa

    Banananaa New Member

    Greifing and Stealing doesn't ever come up as an issue, everyone is really chill about respecting others things.

    There has been a recent change in administration and I am running the server as of a few days ago.. You have been whitelisted!

    Make sure to check into iguana tweaks for tinkers construct or you will have some trouble early game getting going. Stick with it though.

    Here is a link to our custom modpack including quarry plus which we just added recently.


    Let me know if you have any questions, im on all the time in game, on reddit I am Icecool988 and our subreddit is www.reddit.com/r/mindshaft I'm working on getting a website up but thats our homebase for now.
  7. ZachTheCommie

    ZachTheCommie New Member

    Thanks! I really want to get on right now, but within these next few days I will probably not have any time to go on, but I will after that. I've watched the video and saw how Tinker's Constructs and associated mods work, so I'm not too worried about starting.
  8. Clearview

    Clearview New Member

    Name: Robert B.
    Country: Germany, ( S-H, Hattstedt )
    IGN: Landliebex3
    Age: 18
    Your FTB or Tekkit experience: I'm "a bit" experienced with the Direwolf20 pack, well, all basic stuff, but i need to take a look at the new Mods you added!.
    How often are you planning on playing:pretty much every day, as long as nothing happens in school etc..
    Your favorite mod/mods: Im just having fun with the Technic, but i mostly wanted to play with Logistic Pipes, so, i dont know what the mod is called, that implements Logistic pipes, but that the most interesting mod Atm..
    Reason to add me: Im a friendly, honest, sometimes very funny guy and communicative .
  9. Hurxen

    Hurxen New Member

    * Name: Mike H.
    * IGN: Hurxen
    * Age: 28
    * Your FTB or Tekkit experience: Was a tekkit admin for a couple of years, been playing madpack and tppi on ftb and look for a server with good speed(nolag)
    * How often are you planning on playing: everyday
    * Your favorite mod/mods: iguna tweaks is my new favorite
    * Remember, we are only accepting a few new members because of the strain all the new 1.6.4 mods put on server CPU. Tell me why I should pick you!

    I'm a very good builder, i've built about 5 massive japanese castles or dojo's. I'm pretty good with most mods and for the rest I wont bother you id rather read a wiki. I'm a very socal player also :)
  10. Banananaa

    Banananaa New Member

    Applications are closed currently I will post if they reopen. Thanks all.
  11. WildStarOrion

    WildStarOrion New Member

    * Name: Sherm
    * IGN: WildStarOrion
    * Age: 40
    * Your FTB or Tekkit experience: Been Playing ftb since it was released. Played tech for about year also.
    * How often are you planning on playing: 20 to 30 hours a week generally
    * Your favorite mod/mods: Thermal Expansion and Ars magica 2
    * Remember, we are only accepting a few new members because of the strain all the new 1.6.4 mods put on server CPU. Tell me why I should pick you!
    Well I know apps are closed but, I wanted to get my name here when you get an opening. I am looking for a place to try out galactic Craft on. I think that would be tons of fun. I like ot help out others with mods and resources if they need also.
  12. TheNeglectedOne

    TheNeglectedOne New Member

    Name:Ashley + Rose
    IGN:TheNeglectedOne(myself) and Rosedixon(a friend)
    Age:i am 19 rose is 17
    Your FTB or Tekkit experience:i have used ftb unleashed and ultimate for the past 4 years and want to try my hand at other packs, rose in quite new and i am teaching her.
    How often are you planning on playing: mostly every day for a few hours, probably most the day when im not at college.
    Your favorite mod/mods: buildcraft, absolutely love what its capable of.
    Reason for accepting me: im a seasoned player who knows a lot of different mods in FTB and i am completely willing to help people with question and once i am set up im even willing to provide resources and facility for public use in the community, i.e. power, storage, supply's.
  13. Jnyce283

    Jnyce283 New Member

    Name: Justin
    IGN: jnyce283
    Age: 31
    Your FTB or Tekkit experience: I started out with Hexxit and big Dig and then moved to unleashed and been on ftb eversince
    How often are you planning on playing: I play everyday at least an hour or so and more on my days off
    Your favorite mod/mods: AE, Thermal Expansion, stevecarts and railcraft
    Reason for accepting me: I love doing High Tech Big builds and making train stations with railcraft. also love finding new ways for automated mining beside for a quarry
  14. Steviej1801

    Steviej1801 New Member

    Sorry to hear you won't be continuing this server. I was excited to try it out since it offered such a challenge. It definitely does take a lot of time, patience and money! I wish you best of luck.

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