Whitelist Server Mindcrack inspired survival server [Canadians only] {no Skype required}{7 slots} {15+}

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Jul 29, 2019
Before reading, only Canadians are allowed due to lag. Hi, I'll get straight to the point, this server is for people above 15 years of age, but I might allow younger people if you are worthy. The application is fairly simple since I know people hate writing bullshit about how they play ftb. The rules are also simple to follow. There are no Admins, not even me since that's unfair. This server will be run on my computer, which will dedicate 1-3 gigs of ram to the server (it's a small server) so don't expect too much.

No swearing at useless times
No hacking or cheating
No griefing without permission
No racism
Chunk loaders must be kept at a minimum.
No traveling miles away thinking your sketchy (lags the server)
Overall, don't be obnoxious

Items that require permission (just ask) to make:
Nuclear reactors
Black holes
Just ask before making anything powerful

How cool are you (1-10):
Will you respect everyone?:
In a few sentences, describe what your goal is in the server:
What's 9+10:

I will PM you the ip when the server is back up, which is February 2nd (Canada time). Remember, only 4-7 people will be accepted.
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