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Whitelist Server Mindcrack|1.4.7|13+|Small

Discussion in 'Mindcrack' started by DarnellLansiquot, Dec 29, 2014.


Keep Items on Death?

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  1. DarnellLansiquot

    DarnellLansiquot New Member

    I currently am running a Whitelisted server and wanted people to join. My idea for the server is to have a small community who can trust each other, just like on the real Mindcrack server, with minimal amounts of plugins. I also made this server since I'm getting kind of tired of playing alone. So if your a Mindcrack fan and want a server to join thats similar with a trustful community, you've just found it.
    Below are the details of the server. The ip will be given through Skype.
    Server Properties

    Difficulty: Normal
    World Gen: Normal

    Server Rules

    1.No Griefing
    2.No Stealing
    3.No swearing
    4.No farming [Will result in Ban]
    5.Respect Staff
    6.PvP is enabled, Don't mass kill [Will result in Ban]
    7.Dont ask for op
    8.No chunk loaders

    This is the application form you need to fill out to be able to join

    Minecraft Name:
    Skype Name:
    Ftb Experience:
    Whats your fav Mindcracker:
    Favourite creation:
    Can you be respectful?:




    Also tell me if i should put KeepInventory on or off. I hope to hear from some of you soon
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2014
  2. Scuds

    Scuds New Member

    Hey, are you still looking for players?

    Minecraft Name: DruidScuds
    Skype Name: live:joeyyott (i have a mic, I don't chose to use it unless i have too.)
    Ftb Experience: Been playing it since it came out
    Whats your fav Mindcracker: Etho, when it comes to FTB.
    Favourite creation: Uh well, I really like the house the B-team made in the 2nd FTB.
    Can you be respectful?: yes, of coarse.
  3. Chili_HD

    Chili_HD New Member

    Minecraft Name: Chili_HD
    Skype Name: alexi596
    Age: 17
    Ftb Experience: about a year, on and off: not much experience.
    Whats your fav Mindcracker: AnderZEL
    Favourite creation: A castle!
    Can you be respectful?: Yes, absolutely.
  4. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    too lazy to write it myself so lets copy it

    Minecraft Name: chupari
    Skype Name: j.dillewaard
    Age: 18
    Ftb Experience: a few months "bad memory doesnt work out when wanting to remember things xD"
    Whats your fav Mindcracker: Jason "guude"
    Favourite creation: his turtles :D or if it was meant to be mine nope not proud of anything
    Can you be respectful?: it would be dumb to answer no here so yes
  5. yonsterg

    yonsterg New Member

    Minecraft Name: yonsterg
    Skype Name: yonsterg
    Age: 19
    Ftb Experience: I played the mindcrack pack for a long time a couple years back. Got really far into gregtech, buildcraft, and thaumcraft
    Whats your fav Mindcracker: I've always been a sethbling fan but it's been a while since I've watched
    Favourite creation: I love effective item sorting systems
    Can you be respectful?: Absolutely. Been playing on/off for years now, and I only play on whitelisted servers reasons of respect and community and such.
  6. PoloTiger

    PoloTiger New Member

    1. In game Name: polotiger96
    2. Skype Name: I will PM you my skype
    3. Age: 18
    4. FTB Experience: 300+ hours clocked in FTB and AT Launcher and been playing since the beta builds; also been playing Modded Minecraft since 1.2.5 and Vanilla since Early Beta.
    5. What's your favorite Minecracker: Ethos and Sevadus
    6. Favorite Creation: I made an awesome OP factory with Magical Crops, Dartcraft, Mekanism, AE, and Advanced Solars. One of my most beautiful builds and most fun, it had an observatory and was on top of an Extreme Hills Biome.
    7. Can you be respectful: Of course, I have never been banned, and am always respectful to my host and fellow players.
  7. mislaura7

    mislaura7 New Member

    Extra Info: I've been doing Tekkit for a couple years now, but my friends and I are migrating to FTB in search of new content we haven't already explored.
  8. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    ?extra info xD where did the rest hide
  9. chupari2

    chupari2 New Member

    server is momentarily offline until february so not that long
  10. chaoticdarkninja

    chaoticdarkninja New Member

    Minecraft Name: chaoticdarkninja
    Skype Name: zlatankefayat
    Age: 14
    Ftb Experience: 1-2 years
    Whats your fav Mindcracker: etho
    Favourite creation: all of them :D
    Can you be respectful?: Yes! I am a very respectful person.
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2015
  11. Minecraftboss18

    Minecraftboss18 New Member

    Minecraft Name: Minecraftboss18 (its bad I know)
    Skype Name: FTBAPPMCboss
    Ftb Experience: Lots of experience with these mods, hours and hours of playing around with them if not days and days
    What's your favorite Mindcracker: Guude (when he plays mindcrack)
    Favorite creation: Town hall last season
    Can you be respectful?: Yes and I hope this is enforced on the server

    Thanks for putting out the time to read my app, I hope you consider
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2015
  12. Retson

    Retson New Member

    Minecraft Name: RetBossin
    Skype Name: bossrossak47
    Ftb Experience: Been playing it since it came out
    Whats your fav Mindcracker: VintageBeef
    Favourite creation: I like the B team house
    Can you be respectful?: yes, of course.

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