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  1. Varick Korso

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    Hello. I'm mainly interested in SSP of Mindcrack and I'm still looking to add more mods to it (mainly in populating the place). However I ran into a snag. There appears to be block ID issues. I have attempted to find the config and make sure I put the blocks in an ID that is unused. After doing this and firing up the game again. The game ran! But no Millenaire, the file was in where i believed it should be, and the block IDs still remained changed yet the mod was not working. What are some things i can do in order to get this to function?

    Also keep in mind, i'm a novice at editing mods so that they will work together.
  2. Tabu

    Tabu Well-Known Member

    Off the top of my head. It's been awhile since I used this mod, at one point clicking on npcs was a crash to desktop. There are 3 folders contained in the download that you need to place.

    1.millenaire -> goes in the main .minecraft folder.
    2.Millenaire custom -> main .minecraft folder. -> goes in the mods folder.

    when you open the initial download you should see folders which mention where to put them. You may see some extra folders in there i.e (put in jar, if forge is not being used.) you can ignore that folder since ftb uses forge. Also the sprite extender folder is not needed either. That is basically a source file folder for making changes to the mod.

    Hope this helps.

    Also if you boot up the game without the mod you can open NEI and get an idea of which ID's are available to use in case of conflicts.
  3. Varick Korso

    Varick Korso Active Member

    Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a shot and see what happens.

    Hm, still nothing, the block ids are freed up and able to be used. I don't get it, any other ideas?
  4. Azzanine

    Azzanine Forum Addict

    Perhaps the mod shares a class with one of the other mods rendering them incompatible.

    right there

    Xtra biomes MIGHT be the problem. Apparently it CAN be compatible with "some adaption" whatever that means.
  5. Tabu

    Tabu Well-Known Member

    With Extrabiomes, I think it is a matter of no towns, npc's, etc, will spawn in. Basically relegating them to vanilla biomes which could be few and far between.

    Have you checked the ingame mod list to see if it is actually loading at all?

    If it is on the list, check NEI for items, Try searching Rice, off the top of my head it is one item that is part of the mod.

    If you do not see it on the ingame mod list it may still be an issue with where you are placing the folders. Make sure you open each folder to make sure the folder you are putting in contain the millenaire files. For example if you unzip the folder and just put in the folder that says (put in mods folder) it wont work, you need to open that one and place the folder it contains inside the mods folder.
  6. Varick Korso

    Varick Korso Active Member

    I'll give it a shot, to answer your question no rice nor other items appear, however it does appear in the forge mod list in the main menu of mindcrack. This is what i did. Opened up mindcrack file, i saw instmods minecraft folder. I opened minecraft and put millenaire and millenaire-custom in it... so now those two are with the bin, config, coremods, crash-report, customnpcs, lib.... so forth and so on. then i went to mods where i placed the millenaire4.2.0zip file in with the rest of the zip files.

    On a side note is there any mod where i can add that can give me purpose. Millenaire provides allies and enemies in the game. Custom NPC's allows you to manually build allies and enemies but i do not like knowing where all the bad guys are and there strengths and weaknesses and i only them to populate the NPC town i inhabited to give it a more lively feel, develop a currency/trading system, and use them for protection, and mercs. I'm looking for something to simply provide adventure, to use technology and magic i've obtained in order to attack or defend against an opposing forces. I have Mo' creatures added which provides random bits of excitement where an ogre comes crashing through the walls and me and the towns guard gut it out with the beast in order to bring it down or a Golem (not iron) starts ripping apart the kingdom and chunks pieces of building material all over the place, making a huge mess of things. These things are short lived and fun and it challenges me, the player to find a solution to deal with such creatures later on more effectively. And attacking or "taking over" NPC vanilla villages are just... its sad it really is.

    Are there any mods out there to you or any others knowledge that could fix this?
  7. Tabu

    Tabu Well-Known Member

    I notice you said you used the instmods folder.

    Do this instead at least to try it.

    Mindcrack->Minecraft-> Put the 2 (millenaire and custom) folders in there, then use the mod folder in that Minecraft folder for the last millenaire folder. I don't know if this will help anything, but to test the other day I reinstalled Millenaire to make sure I was giving you the correct info and mine was working.

    There are a couple of similar mods to Millenaire.

    1. Tale of Kingdoms, basically you join the "Guild" you help rebuild it, then fight off enemies to protect it, after that you gain faction with them and are allowed to build your own kingdom. The first edition is "complete" but tbh is full of bugs, I also don't like the fact that the guild spawns basically right behind you when you spawn on a map, which means if you are in an extreme hills biome then you will get these huge sheer walls and it just looks so out of place. I would prefer being able to move to a suitable location then allowing it to spawn the guild. i.e in a plains biome. There is also a WIP TOK2, no npcs are in that mod at least the last time I checked, it may have been updated.

    2.Sim-U-Kraft I enjoy this one, basically an npc will spawn in your world, you can then hire them to do work. You can assign them a job i.e builder. you then place a construction block down with a chest near it. You can open the construction block and choose a building, then place the items into the chest and the npc will build it. There are tons of buildings from houses to shops to mansions.

    I enjoy Sim-u-kraft most out of the 3 causes the least lag and has more options than the other 2.

    There is also another one called Mine Colony, but I do not know if it was updated past 1.2.5, that was a fun one as well.
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  8. Varick Korso

    Varick Korso Active Member

    I do remember seeing the instmods folder but i never put anything in there, i followed your instructions. Is there a way to for you to show me, screen shot, video, or maybe send a file or anything? Cause either i'm dumb or seriously derpin or i messed something up in the beginning and visual aid may be my only hope at this point.

    How did you get Tale of Kingdoms to work? That is an instant crash on my end.

    I also checked out Sim-u-kraft and this looks very promising i'll probably give that a go here in a bit.

    I have not tried mine colony (i'll have to look into it)

    Thank you for sticking through this with me I really do appreciate it.
  9. Tabu

    Tabu Well-Known Member

    I'm going to write out a step by step for ya and I'll add pictures and label them. I'll pm it to you.

    Wish I could just upload my folder for you, but I do not know how legal that is. I'll try a tutorial then I guess we can go from there.

    I know I have run into problems at times installing additional mods and know it can be very tedious. For example I have been trying to get DivineRPG into my pack and it has over 100 block id's and is just a pain. I finally got the ID's worked out and it conflicts with RP2...

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