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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Drawde, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    As I understand it each sewer has a maximum output, I think 100 a second (that's how often they dump sewage into the pipes but 100 could be per tick), or six cows per sewer. But I don't know how much each mod's pipes can transfer.

    So basically what's the best pipe to use, and how many sewers to composters? So that I have no sewage stored in each composter, but no extra composters beyond that.
  2. Platinawolf

    Platinawolf New Member

    Liquiducts hands down. Might be a tad expensive but there's no comparison, both performance wise and server nicety wise.
  3. Azzanine

    Azzanine New Member

    They are actually not that expensive, just need a bit of infrastructure to make.
    Depending on how you value gold, lead and copper liqueducts might be "cheaper".
  4. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    I have 4 sewers outputting to 6 composters and the liquiducts are not close to limiting the output. They work really well and I use them for pretty much everything. They beat BC pipes hands-down.
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  5. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    Using liquiducts I've had both one large and four small sewers running two composters. With almost no difference in the fertilizer output. Only one composter and it got more sewage than it needed. Two and both were empty.

    I can't figure out the problem there. Unless the output limit information I heard was wrong. But if it's correct I should have gotten four times as much fertilizer when running four sewers, not a little more. Which would mean that running all four sewers through one liquiduct pipe to the composters was limiting the flow.

    Which is why I'm asking this. Something's not adding up there.
  6. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    Do the sewers overlap in the area that they harvest from? Because that doesn't work.
  7. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    Nope. Had them with the smallest upgrade, so a 3x3 area, with six cows each. With dirt with fences on them between each area. No overlap.

    I got sewage out of them so they were working. But only slightly better than a single huge sewer with many cows.
  8. Zarkov

    Zarkov Well-Known Member

    Unless it has been changed recently, I think the standard area of a single sewer is 5x5 (without upgrade).
  9. angelnc

    angelnc New Member

    As far as I know, the standard range without upgrades is 1x1.
  10. Hydra

    Hydra New Member

    That is correct.
  11. Zarkov

    Zarkov Well-Known Member

    I stand corrected. I must have read about the grinder or something and thought it applied for the sewer as well.

    This means I've been using the wrong upgrade all along. :)
  12. cynric

    cynric New Member

    However the range of the animal handling machines (breeder, chronotyper, slaughterhouse etc.) are all 5x5 (and not changeable as far as I remember) while the other machines (planter/harvester) have a range of 3x3 by default (+ upgrades).
  13. PhilHibbs

    PhilHibbs Forum Addict Trusted User

    Me too. I need to replace my +2 upgrades with +4s.
  14. loboca

    loboca New Member

    OffTopic: Meh, I put a sewage boiler thing in last night, and besides what had sewage had filled up in the harvester, it hasn't given me any byproducts since. Think I got hardened sand, ash, and two other things. Is the boiler supposed to be that slow? It was running at least a few hours on a 7x7 wheat farm with a fertilizer.
  15. securitywyrm

    securitywyrm New Member

    You're mixing your terms, but I think you meant "Sludge" from the harvester.
    It depends strongly on how much your harvester is processing. A sludge boiler working at capacity produces about an item every other second. However a 7x7 wheat farm is not going to produce very much sludge, as sludge is produced with each harvesting action. Consider that harvesting a wheat is just one action but harvesting a tree can be more than a hundred actions. Try planting some trees with a fertilizer and your sludge boiler will quickly have lots of sludge.

    NOTE: Be careful on a 7x7 with a planter and fertilizer. If you have a spot that gets surrounded by trees, it will get cast into darkness. The planter will try to plant in the spot, it will be too dark so the sapling pops out, and the planter tries again until it has hemorhaged all its saplings.
  16. Sidorion

    Sidorion New Member

    For liquids I always use logistic pipes. Hook a fluid supplier pipe on the sewer and a fluid supplier to the composter and connect em with your LP network. It's a) best delivery rate, b) you don't loose liquids in your piping system and c) you only need one type of piping and save space.
  17. securitywyrm

    securitywyrm New Member

    I've not heard of "Logistic pipes" before, but I use liquiducts. The capacity of a liquiduct is such that very few machines can possibly produce liquid faster than a liquiduct can carry it.
  18. loboca

    loboca New Member

    You get necro-of-the-day award. Welcome to the forums.

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