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Mekanism Wind Turbine Output??

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by FTB_Time, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. FTB_Time

    FTB_Time New Member

    I have set up a mekanism wind turbine generators at level 250 but can't seem to see there power output?

    The GUI says :

    Power: 381.25
    Out: 800 J/t

    Does anyone know what these figures mean?

    Also, what is the J to RF transfer ratio?
  2. ShneekeyTheLost

    ShneekeyTheLost Too Much Free Time

    Under the config option, under the setting for power you can change J to RF and get the numbers in RF. As it stands, you're looking at approximately 2.5:1.

    What this means is that the maximum theoretical output of windmills is 800J/t and it is currently storing 200.0 kJ, meaning you just set it down and let it store up energy.

    The actual output depends on a number of factors, including how many air blocks are in the area and what height the windmill is at.
  3. Bickers

    Bickers New Member

    were are you connecting the conduit/cable to? for me power only seems to output if you connect them via the green square on the base of the windmill

    as for the GUI top is the buffer middle is the output and bottom is the max output i think
    you can change the GUI to show RF by changeing the line S:EnergyType=J to RF in the config
  4. BIG mac

    BIG mac New Member

    Trust me, wind turbines produce a crap ton of power, and are probably op in my opinion. They are really picky which side you hook up the cable to. Universal cables pretty much hook to anything (except quarries) so they are really good for converting power.

    As far as how much they make goes, I'm not really sure, but I think 5 can power a quarry pretty quickly. They are really cheap to make, so I usually just keep making them until I have enough power.
  5. Wagon153

    Wagon153 New Member

    Not in TPPI. The TPPI devs nerfed the windmills several times. I think they produce maybe 27 RF/t max in TPPI.
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  6. b0bst3r

    b0bst3r New Member

    And yet the pack makers don't seem to realize that nerfing something like this creates huge problems for server owners. Players are not bothered whether they run 20 wind turbines or 2000 wind turbines BUT THE DAMN SERVER IS!!

    Don't nerf stuff like this, if you want people to not use them disable the bloody things.

    Or better still edit the recipes and make it really expensive
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2014
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  7. ProfessorMudkip

    ProfessorMudkip New Member

    As far as I understand it: The first value is how much power it is storing in it's internal buffer. The second is how much power it is producing per tick. The third is the maximum power it can output per tick.

    That is the better way to do it; I use custom recipes instead of lowering output. All generators should be multiblocks IMO; it would increase the cost and add space as a resource. For example, I prefer Mekanism over IC2 because the wind turbine and solar panels both look better and more realistic in Mekanism and require more space. Depending on what you're doing, you can probably support a base with one or two HV solar panels. Supporting an entire base with 1-2 blocks is rather silly. Space should be a resource that you must consider and could be a balancing point for infinite power generators.
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  8. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    Try resonant induction(?)'s particle accelerator. 64 block cube for some fuel for power...
  9. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    #Initialising pedant mode
    #Pedant mode initialised successfully

    The particle accelerator isn't a cube. It's a 64x64x3 cuboid.

    #Logging off pedant mode
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  10. Golrith

    Golrith Over-Achiever Trusted User

    I do agree, the recipe is fairly expensive as it is though, although compared to a solar panel, a lot easier.

    I've set it's power output to half of a solar panel (so both are in effect equal, just dependent on weather), but I didn't change the recipe, since I have 1/4ish custom ore generation (via a mix of dense, normal and poor ores), that in effect makes it and everything else 4x more expensive to build, and processing poor ores is 9x more power for the same ingot.
  11. WaffleIndustries

    WaffleIndustries New Member

    The meaning of the GUI is this:
    1: Stored energy
    2: Generation in Joules/tick (even if you set it as RF it is still wirtten in Joules/tick)
    3: Max. Output
    FYI: 1RF = 2.5J
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  12. SmokeLuvr1971

    SmokeLuvr1971 New Member

    Hopefully this isn't too old...

    Anyone know the optimal spacing for wind turbines? Found a wiki page on them that suggests power output is lowered when the propeller blades are blocked. However, I've got a single turbine at Y=240. Outputs 384 RF/t [to buffer] standalone [not connected to anything]. Hookup an energy sink [Bank/Cell/etc], either directly or via cable/conduit, and Turbine outputs at 384 UNTIL buffer is empty, then output drops to less than half [currently 185 RF/t]. This isn't making any sense to me...or is this just how Mekanism power sources work?
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  13. Omegatron

    Omegatron Well-Known Member

    Most Mek generators can output faster than they can generate or is the actual rate of generation being lowered? I'm fairly certain they can be placed right next to each other without affecting them, where did you see otherwise?
  14. SmokeLuvr1971

    SmokeLuvr1971 New Member

    Actual rate of generation/output is being lowered. I too thought they could be placed adjacent with no effect, but in doing so I noticed a power drop off.

    Max Turbine output is 384 RF/t, thus 64 Turbines on the same cable/conduit would max out the cable/conduit transfer rate. I had this built and connected to a Capacitor bank array and noticed after some time the incoming RF was well below cable max transfer rate. I thought the reduced output was due to the Turbines being too close together, as I've seen several non-official posts stating generation is based on amount of surrounding air blocks.
    I was attempting to discern optimal placement by placing a single Turbine in a chunk only connected to a Capacitor Bank. What I noticed was the Turbine's actual RF gen decreases when the internal buffer is empty. It only outputs at max when the buffer is full. This happened day and night in clear skies [no weather events like rain/thunder].

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