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Magical Crops second seed drop

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Shirkit, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Shirkit

    Shirkit New Member

    I'm playing in FTB Monster and I noticed that the drop chance for the second seed is 0 for some reason, but if I plant one essence seed and break it right away, I can dupe the seeds that get's dropped, so I can have infinite essence seeds. But at the same time, the standard seeds second drop is disabled.

    So I ask why would anyone disable the second seed drop but being able to make infinite essence crops?

    And if one disable the second seed drop, wouldn't this nerf the mod to a point where it comes almost useless? Maybe having at 20% is too much, but when set to 0 it becomes only possible to use the mod in the late game, when you don't need it anymore, since you have another efficient auto-mining solution.
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  2. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    I am confused. You have found a bug and are comparing it to a feature, yes?

    As for why someone might disable the second seed, I have a silver farm which over it's ~ 10 hour run has produced several stacks of silver seeds. The production begins to become exponential for the various ores. Disabling the extra seeds controls this so you have to invest heavily to get large returns.

    Also it is a config for a reason, change it if you do not like it.
  3. Shirkit

    Shirkit New Member

    I didn't thought it was a bug, I thought it was intentional due to disabling the second seed drop.
  4. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    The essence seed I believe is a bug. I can, and have, automated magical crops to a point in monster of producing enough product to fill a fully upgraded Janna barrel with iron in about an hour.
    There was a thread somewhere here of someone doing it faster. Disabling the second seed drop was the only way to slow this down.
  5. Shirkit

    Shirkit New Member

    By placing a thousand different methods to accelerate the growth rate of the seeds, right? Well, you can ask to Mark719 to disable that with a config option, that's an idea.

    For now though, I'll continue to what I currently had. I exploited the bug to dupe the seeds to get a bunch of essence crops and keep creating new seeds from there.
  6. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    And then everything changed when Rotarycraft attacked!
  7. Eyamaz

    Eyamaz New Member

    Thing is, he coded certain things to NOT accelerate the growth of them. People reported it to other authors and they fixed what he did intentionally in their own code. I think he stopped trying to prevent it because it kept getting reported as a bug.

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  8. Not_Steve

    Not_Steve Over-Achiever

    Best joke ever.
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  9. hiroshi42

    hiroshi42 New Member

    Does rotarycraft interact oddly with Magical crops or is it just that the fans allow for automation?
  10. Hoff

    Hoff Tech Support

    Both. I believe it was already fixed but previously fans gave a seed every time they harvested the crop without needing to replant which resulted in HUGE amounts of seeds VERY quickly. This also occurred regardless of seed settings.
  11. Drawde

    Drawde New Member

    The chance of a second seed dropping is currently set to zero in the config.

    Part of the Magical Crops config is both the option of a second seed being able to drop, and the chance of it happening.
  12. Taiine

    Taiine New Member

    The seed drop from the essense plant is indeed a bug and has already been reported to the modder. You could also spam it, by holding the left and right mouse button down to get a tun of seeds. It don't work for other plant seeds however.
  13. Shirkit

    Shirkit New Member

    Indeed it doesn't.
  14. MrDokeve

    MrDokeve New Member

    how do i get the normal essence seed?
  15. malicious_bloke

    malicious_bloke Over-Achiever

    You can't craft it, you have to break grass to find it like most other seeds :)
  16. MrDokeve

    MrDokeve New Member

    k thanks
  17. nvrsbr

    nvrsbr New Member

    I didnt even realize the second seed drop was disbaled.
    I was starting to think I just had bad luck.
  18. steve g

    steve g New Member

    play with magical crops in horizons, youll get the secondary seeds all day long. in monster...nope. easy way to get essence seeds in monster: autonomous activator bonemealing over a patch of grass, harvester to break the grass/flowers that grow. you will get much essence seeds from that. or use rotarycraft fans, you will get essence dust drops (with any magical crop type). or use the oldschool crop flooding methods, that gets the dust and nature essence drops.
  19. dothrom

    dothrom New Member

    It's an easy fix to get secondary seeds again.
    Two config options need to be changed in Magical Crops. Don't recall the exact text and not at my home comp, but they're roughly:
    SecondarySeed=false (set to true)
    DropChance=0 (set to your choice of drop rate, I set mine to 20%)
  20. nvrsbr

    nvrsbr New Member

    Yeah I did that right after my last post.

    I:"Change number between 1-100 for chance of getting second seed drop, 10 = 10%, 20 = 20%(default) and so on."=20
    I:"Change to disable or enabled second seed drop, 1 = Enabled (Default), 0 = Disabled"=1

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